How To Get And Use The Fief Key In Lords Of The Fallen

Get the Fief Key and be ready to face the tough challenges ahead.

You will need Fief Key to access a specific area in the Lords of the Fallen. To get this, you will need to clear certain obstacles first. Even after getting your hands on it, you may have to figure out where to use it. If you are clueless about the Fief Key, don’t worry; I will help you find and use it.

How to get the Fief Key in Lords of the Fallen

Firstly, meet with an NPC character called Andreas of Ebb. He will appear at the Skyrest Bridge. Talk to him, but he won’t give you this item at that point.

You can carry on with your playthrough, explore areas, and kill the enemies that come your way. This way, you will eventually reach the Forsaken Fen area in Lords of the Fallen.

Defeat the Congregator of Flesh Bones

At the entrance of the Forsaken Fen, you will encounter the Congregator of Flesh Bones boss. Regarding Physical appearance, this enemy boss will have a large spikey head with two razor-sharp teeth. You must watch out for the boss attacks and then inflict it with the Burn status effect to take him down.

Meet with Andreas of Ebb

Once you defeat the Congregator of Flesh Bones, you will need to venture back to Skyrest in LOTF. You will also notice a familiar NPC character standing beside the Vestige near a large old bell. It will turn out to be the Knight Andreas of Ebb. Speak with him again.  

This time, Andreas of Ebb will mention that you must venture into the woods as they contain one of the beacons to which you have dedicated yourself in Lords of the Fallen. Moreover, he will also state that you will encounter treasures beneath the snow and ice.

After his conversation ends, you will receive the Fief Key (x1), which will be added to your Lords of the Fallen inventory. If you encounter a bug regarding not finding Andreas of Ebb near the Vestige, you can still complete the requirement and take out the required enemy boss.

Then you can return to this location near the Vestige, and the key will be there even if Andreas is not there.

Where to use the Fief key in LOTF

Now that you have the Fief Key, you will need to figure out where to use this specific key. This key helps you unlock a bell door. You must fast-travel to the Redcopse Windmill area or the Vestige of Marco the Axe to get to the door.

Unlock the Bell Door

There, you will find a large door with a small frozen bell on top of it. You can interact with this door and use the Fief Key to unlock it. A small cutscene will play, and the door will open, revealing the path ahead.

You can move onwards and encounter another mini-boss enemy called the Kinrangr Guardian Folard. This enemy boss will use close-range frost attacks, so dodge these and wait for the right opportunity to strike down this guardian.

Once you successfully take down the Kinrangr Guardian Folard, you can continue onwards; this way, you can gain entry to another area.

This location will be called the Fief of the Chill Curse in Lords of the Fallen. You will encounter enemies like the Griefbound Rowena, The Hollow Crow, etc. I recommend you upgrade your build before facing the challenges of this area.

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