How To Unlock All Endings In Lords Of The Fallen 

You can unlock a total of three endings in Lords of the Fallen. One is standard while others are influenced by the choices you make in the game.

Lords of the Fallen has three different endings you can achieve based on your choices. One is the standard ending in which you complete the game as it guides you. This is known as the Radiant ending.

The other two endings known as the Inferno or Adyr ending happen to be a bit more complex in their requirements. The Umbral ending is dark yet quite intriguing in its play-through and choices.  

How to get Radiant ending in Lords of the Fallen 

The Radiant ending in Lords of the Fallen is the most straightforward. Unlike the other two endings, this one does not include tough requirements. Go through your normal route and cleanse the five beacons at the Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Winter Curse, Tower of Penance, and The Empyrean.  

Once these beacons are cleansed, you will have a chance to fight the final boss, Adyr. Defeat the boss and you will get the Radiant ending, and unlock the Radiant Purifier Class.  

How to get Inferno ending in Lords of the Fallen 

For the Inferno ending, you must not cleanse any beacons in Lords of the Fallen. Adyr, the elder God, wants to return to the material plane and re-establish his dominance. You can be the key to achieving his dark goals. To get this ending, you should follow the steps below. 

  • Travel to the Abbey of the Hollowed Sisters. Grab the Rune of Adyr from this place by defeating the Iron Wayfarer.
  • Progress to the Bramis Castle and defeat the Sundered Monarch.  
  • Approach the Effigy of Adyr and interact with it. Adyr will be pleased with your efforts and transform the Rune of Adyr into an Empowered Rune of Adyr. 
  • Return to the five beacons and use the Empowered Rune of Adyr on them.  
  • If The Empyrean is your last beacon, defeat Judge Cleric here. However, if you have cleared the area, you will spot her true form, “Judge Iselle” near the beacon.  
  • Go inside Iselle’s mind by talking to her.  
  • Talk with Iselle. After doing so, the Inferno/ Adyr ending will be unlocked in Lords of the Fallen. 

How to get Umbral ending in Lords of the Fallen 

The Umbral ending in Lords of the Fallen is the most complicated one to achieve. It involves various actions and interactions that are completely unconventional for normal gameplay.  


Some important NPCs, including merchants, will be killed off during this route. So, ensure that you buy everything you need before dispatching them.

Just like the Inferno ending, you must not cleanse any beacons. Follow the steps below to get the Umbral ending. 

  • Defeat Harrower Dervla the Pledged Knight and the Unbroken Promise at Revelations Depths. After that, you will discover a secret well in the boss arena. 
  • Return to Skyrest Bridge to buy the Scouring Clump from Molhu.  
  • Track back to the well and use the Scouring Clump to travel to Mother’s Lull.  
  • Interact with the non-hostile Remnant at Mother’s Lull to receive Damarose’s Seedpod. 
  • Make your way to Pilgrim’s Perch and look for Damarose. Use the Seedpod on her to finish her off and complete her questline. This will give you access to the first floating platform in Mother’s Lull. 
  • Meet another friendly Remnant at Mother’s Lull to receive Gerlinde’s Seedpod.  
  • Head to Skyrest Bridge to meet the blacksmith. Use the Seedpod on her to finish her off and get access to the second floating platform. 
  • Defeat The Lightreaper outside the gates of Bramis Castle. Defeating this huge sentinel will get you The Lightreaper’s Umbral Parasite.  
  • Head to Skyrest Bridge and put the Lightreaper’s Parasite in the column with an open slot in Molhu’s room. 
  • Return to Mother’s Lull and find a new Remnant to get Melchior’s Seedpod.  
  • Acquire the Rune of Adyr from Abby of the Hollowed Sisters.  
  • Return the Rune to Mother’s Lull and give it to the non-hostile Remnant to turn it into the Withered Rune of Adyr. 
  • Go to Bramis Castle and explore it until you defeat the Sundered Monarch. Find Melchior’s body in the area and use Melchior’s Seedpod on it. This will grant you access to the third floating platform in Mother’s Lull. 
  • Return to Fief of the Chill Curse and find The Iron Wayfarer in the Umbral Realm. Use the Withered Rune of Adyr to kill him and obtain Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite. 
  • Go to Skyrest Bridge and put Harkyn’s Parasite into the open column slot in Molhu’s room. 
  • Molhu will inform you about your next target as you warp into the Umbral Realm. 
  • Go back to Skyrest Bridge and Soulflay her to reveal her parasite. It will teleport you to the arena where you must fight against Elianne, the Starved. 
  • Defeating Elianne will get you Elianne’s Umbral Parasite and many other rewards. Use this parasite in the open slot in Molhu’s room. 
  • Speak to Molhu and select the “Enter Mother’s Lull” option. It will trigger a cutscene where Molhu uses a seedpod on himself, eventually dying. This will unlock your final (fourth) floating platform in Mother’s Lull. 
  • Finally, cross the platforms in Mother’s Lull to achieve the Umbral ending in Lords of the Fallen.  

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