Lords Of The Fallen Encumbrance: How To Increase Equip Load

Carry more, to sell more.

Similar to other Souls games, you can only carry a limited amount of items on your character in Lords of the Fallen or else deal with Encumbrance.

Most of this carrying capacity is taken by different necessities like armor, shields, and weapons, leaving little room for ammo and other items you might fancy.

If you do not manage your equip capacity, you will leave yourself exposed to your foes as it not only affects your movement but also your whole playstyle.

If you are looking to carry more ammo or simply want to improve your attack speed then we have listed all the ways you can deal with Encumbrance in LotF.

How Encumbrance works in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen features an Encumbrance meter that shows your equip capacity or how much weight you can carry at once.

Once you hit the maximum Encumbrance levels in the game, your character will become “Encumbered” and will lose mobility and speed.


Your combat efficiency will be lowered in this state. The only way back is to either reduce your Encumbrance or increase your carry weight.

You can check your Encumbrance by opening your character’s equipment menu. It ranges from light to high levels, which we will further explain below.

Keep an eye on your Encumbrance meter in Lords of the Fallen.


Trading movement for defense, you will have great movement and traversal speed. With higher movement speed, you will be able to dodge faster, jump a little higher, and attack quicker.

You are considered Light Encumbered if you are carrying around 40% of your equip limit.


Having the best of both worlds, Medium Encumbrance allows you to have more freedom of movement with a bunch more defense.

You will be able to withstand light hits while still having flexible movement which makes it an ideal option and is almost always recommended.

You fall under Medium Encumbrance if you are carrying 75% of your equip load in Lords of the Fallen.


High Encumbrance is where things start getting difficult because you will need to dodge and have decent attack speed while in combat, both of which are sacrificed with it.

It makes gameplay more challenging by leaving you more open to damage but not being able to counter the attacks at the same rate.

Anything greater than 100% of your total equip capacity will make you Highly Encumbered in Lords of the Fallen.

How to increase equip load in LotF

The good news is you can deal with Encumbrance by balancing your stats, increasing your weight capacity, or even using complementary equipment.

Balancing Stats

Your Encumbrance levels are affected by your armor and weaponry as well. For a temporary fix, you can re-adjust your stats making it easier to move till you can invest in a permanent upgrade.

The balance will depend on what is available to you and what your own preference is with your artillery. If you are a Grand Sword enthusiast or simply using it for damage’s sake then pairing it with a lighter armor will be a more feasible option.

Increasing Weight Capacity

A more permanent and long-term solution for Encumbrance in Lords Of The Fallen is to increase your Weight Carrying Capacity.

You will need to invest in Vitality and Endurance as they improve weight management and increase your total carrying capacity in LotF.

Fortunately, you will already be aiming for these stats for Health and Stamina increase so the investment is extremely beneficial.

It also improves ammo capacity is essential when taking down your foes, no matter what your playstyle is.

Using Equipment

Certain equipment, like Rings and Pendants, in Lord Of The Fallen can help with increasing equip load or enhancing damage for Light Encumbrance.

  • Ring Of Bones, found at The Sunless Skein increases carrying capacity.
  • Princess Sting Pendent, found at Skyrest Bridge increases damage dealt with a smaller equip load.

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