How To Defeat Damarose The Marked In Lords Of The Fallen

If your main aim is to unlock the Umbral Ending in Lords of the Fallen, then defeat Damarose the Marked is one of the requirements.

Damarose the Marked will be one of your most challenging bosses to fight in Lords of the Fallen. Defeating her is necessary to unlock the Umbral Ending. This task is a challenging one and part of the reason is defeating Damarose.

She does highDespite the fight being tough, if you have the necessary items to protect you from her fire damage, then you can defeat her within a short period of time.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose The Marked location.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose’s location can be a challenging one to find. You will find her at multiple locations throughout your journey. In case you have already met her, we have covered all the locations where you can find Damarose in Lords of the Fallen:

1) Sanctuary

You will initially find Damarose at the Sanctuary. Use the Vestige of Chabui to reach the location. Climb the two sets of ladders on the left of the vestige to reach the area’s upper level. Move along the path across the thin wooden bridge.

Move left and drop down from the hole in the ground. You will find Damarose to the left, waiting for your arrival.

2) Pilgrim’s Perch

Use the Vestige of Blind Aghada to reach the location. Here, you must free Gerlinde from her cell. Use the elevator to the right to head down the area. Drop down from the path to the left. Kill all the enemies in the area and collect the Prison Cell keys from the ground. You will need them to free Gerlinde.


Use the ladder next to Gerlinde’s Prison Cell to head up the area. Follow the path to the left and use the lever at the end to call the elevator upwards. Take the elevator down to meet Damarose at the end.

3) Fitzroy’s Gorge

You will also find Damarose at the Fitzroy’s Gorge. Travel to the area using the Vestige of the Pale Butcher. Follow the path to the left of the Vestige and drop down the area. Head up the hill and follow the path left. You will find a wooden platform to reach the next area.

Continue following the path to the left and enter the tunnel. Head up the hill ahead after exiting the tunnel and go up to find Damarose the Marked at the end on the cliff side.

4) Bramis Castle

The final location where you will find Damarose, The Marked in Lords of the Fallen takes you to Bramis Castle. You will find her behind the gate next to the elevator you took to the sewers. This gate will be blocked outside the elevator room.

Also, note that the elevator is marked as the vestige “Calrath” in your warp-points list.

How to defeat Damarose The Marked

Damarose the Marked only has a single phase of the fight. So, it is quite easy to defeat her if you have the recommended items in your inventory. Damarose starts the fight aggressively. She possesses four attacks in her arsenal. These attacks include Cleaver Strike, Imbued Cleaver melee attack, Flamethrower, and Fire Projectiles.

Cleaver Strike

Damarose, the Marked will use her Cleaver to swing at you. This is a melee attack, so you just need to dodge or block the attack as it comes. When you see Damarose sprinting at you to go for the swing, move away in the opposite direction.

Imbued Cleaver melee attack

After failing to strike you with the standard Cleaver strikes, Damarose imbues the Cleaver with fire. This will deal enough damage to knock your HP down to half if it connects. So, put some distance between yourself and the boss. The best strategy is to block this attack when Damarose lunges at you.


The flamethrower is the boss’s secondary attack. She will use this attack during the final stages of the fight. She throws a stream of fire from her palm that persists for a couple of seconds. The best way to prevent getting damaged is by side-stepping out of the way.

Fire Projectiles

Damarose will use a fire projectile as her last attack. She summons a few marks above her, turning into massive fireballs aimed at you. The worst part about them is that they expand over time. So the best way to avoid them is by keeping a safe distance from the boss as soon as you see the marks appearing above her.

The biggest weakness of Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen is that she can’t attack you when you are on her side. You can use this window of opportunity to move to her side after she performs her attack and follow up by using your weapons to defeat her.

Since she has a lot of fire attacks, make sure that you bring Burn Cure, Burn Resistance Balm, and Fire Wards for protection.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose the Marked Drops

After defeating Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen, you will be rewarded with the following drops:

  • 1x Damarose’s Cleaver
  • 1x Vestige Seed

Should you cleanse the beacon or not?

Although cleaning the beacon or not is a matter of choice, you will face certain consequences for your actions. If you cleanse any one of the beacons, you will be locked out of the Inferno ending permanently.

If you decide to cleanse the beacon, you will be locked out of the Umbral Ending. Instead, you will get the Radiant Ending.

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