How To Defeat Crimson Rector Percival In Lords Of The Fallen

Crimson Rector Percival is an optional boss fight in Lords of the Fallen who will use bleed and holy damage against you.

Crimson Rector Percival is an optional boss in Lords of the Fallen that can be fought for some decent rewards. This one has quite a reputation for being a hard hitter in the game. He can deal loads of damages along with several debuffs.

His sword is laced with Bleed, and will also fuse his sword with Holy power giving his weapon Radiant damage. The Crimson Rector is quite a skilled enemy and is hard to beat down. He is also granted the ability to summon specters which can attack in his place. Be prepared for his surprise attacks. 

Location of Crimson Rector Percival in Lords of the Fallen

crimson rector location lords of the fallen

You can find this boss in Fitzroy’s Gorge. From the fork in the path marked by the Calrath sign, go on the path on the right side. Make a sharp U-turn up the cliff. Follow the path, and you will be led straight to the arena, marked by an ongoing battle between some NPCs.  

Crimson Rector Percival Boss Fight Phase 1

crimson rector percival fight phase 1

Crimson Rector Percival is a merciless boss in the game. He intends to make this fight quick and eliminate you as soon as possible. He will start using the Radiant buff on his sword and also go along with summoning specters.

His moves are slow but painful. Make sure if you choose to use parry as you take minimal damage this way.

He will do a chain of attacks that will consist of 2-3 hits after which you will finally get an opening to get 1 or 2 hits in. Land a few hits in and get back on parrying. Make sure to avoid the specters as well. The specter chain can last for 3-4 summons. Keep an eye out for Percival as he will lunge toward you with a stab attack after his final summon.  


You can also keep your distance from him and run all over the arena while focusing on ranged attacks. Lure him into corners of the arena, find an opening, dodge his attacks, and get your hits in. 

Getting staggers will be the most crucial part of the fight as it will be the one and only chance you get at a high damage-dealing move. What we recommend doing is to get a heavy attack in as soon as the stagger takes place. Then, get a few more high-damage hits in before he comes to his senses. 

Crimson Rector Percival Boss Fight Phase 2

crimson rector percival boss fight phase 2

In Phase 2 of the fight, the damage Percival deals will be increased in Lords of the Fallen. However, you will be at a slight advantage this round. 

Phase 2 officially starts when you have whittled down 40% of his health. He will buff his sword with holy damage again. When he does this, get some distance in between. The boss will then start to move towards you while looking like he’s blocking attacks with his sword. If you try to use melee attacks, there is a good chance they will be deflected off.

We suggest creating some space in between. As he starts to move towards you, start using ranged attacks. These attacks work best with your weapons. The attacks will break his concentration, and the healing process will stop. The boss will be back on his offensive moves once again, and you can continue the fight. 

It is extremely crucial that you do not get yourself harmed in this fight while his blade is under the influence of the buff. This will cause you 3 separate types of damage: physical, Bleed, and Radiant. The Radiant buff will eventually wear off, and his sword will return to normal.

When the buff wears off, the boss often performs 3 move combos. They can sometimes extend to a 4 or 5 combo attack if the boss is really slow on health. Be patient in this stage and wait for the right opportunities to strike.

The damage windows you get will depend on the plan of attack you have chosen to go through with. Slowly but surely, the boss will fall to his knees. 

You can receive the following drops as rewards for defeating Crimson Rector Percival: 

  • Ring of Brilliant Protection 
  • Vestige Seed 
  • Crimson Armor Set
  • Crimson Rector Sword

Crimson Rector Percival’s Weakness

The Crimson Rector Percival is weak against two status ailments; Poison and Inferno. Casting inferno spells make the difference between light and day while Poison is the primary weakness of the boss.

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