Lords Of The Fallen Byron And Winterberry Quest Guide

Complete the Winterberry and Byron side quest, which will earn you a special achievement or trophy.

The Winterberry quest in Lords of the Fallen will require you to meet a particular NPC character called Byron at different locations. This way, you can pursue the sidequest to find his dead wife, Catrin’s Pendant. Following the events of this sidequest, you will finally meet the NPC merchant known as Winterberry.

You will also be tasked with defeating the enemy boss, Skinstealer, and after that, you will have to make an important choice on whether you should take the lift present behind him.

This will lead to various outcomes, and you may end up failing the Winterberry sidequest as well. If you want to learn how to complete the Winterberry quest in LOTF, then I have explained all the details in this guide.

Lords of the Fallen Winterberry Location

In order to find and locate the NPC merchant Winterberry, you will need to progress the game until you reach the Depths. You mustn’t take the lift to reach Upper Calrath next, as it will lock this NPC character, and Byron will slaughter Winterberry. Then you will have no way to recover.

You will also need to converse with Byron at different points during the sidequest, especially the Hoist checkpoint, which is where you will also meet Winterberry.

Meeting Byron

First, you will need to converse with Byron when you meet him at Pilgrim’s Perch in front of the Vestige of Blind Agatha. At this point, he will formally introduce himself so you can exhaust all of his dialogue options and then continue with the story unit you reach Forsaken Fen.

There, you can activate the Vestige of Valade, and to your surprise, you will meet Byron there as well. Speak with him again, and then continue with your playthrough. At some point in the game, you can meet with Byron again after a long journey from Forsaken Fen at the Vestige of Catrin, and this time, he won’t be in a happy mood. He will tell you that Catrin was once a lamp bearer and also his lover.

Moreover, Byron and Catrin were Hallowed Sentinels who fell in love, but their love was forbidden, and the order issued the death penalty on them. The Vestige of Catrin marks the spot where she died, so Byron will ask you to investigate that place and report back to him if you find any trace of a missing pendant that belonged to Catrin.

You will also gain the Bemoaning Gesture by speaking with Byron in Lords of the Fallen.

Defeat Skinstealer in the Cistern

You will need to take your time to find the Pendant in LOTF. Make your way in the game until you reach the area called Cistern, just after you discover the Sunless Skein Key. You can follow the stairs, and after reaching the upper level, you will have to engage the Skinstealer in a boss fight.

This four-armed beast will attack you viciously, so make sure to dodge his attacks and hit him back with powerful strikes to defeat him.

Once you manage to defeat the Skinstealer, he will end up dropping the Drainage Control Key in Lords of the Fallen. At this point in the Winterberry Quest, you need to keep in mind that you should not enter the lift that is situated behind the Skinstealer.

What happens if you enter the lift during Winterberry Quest

If you enter the lift this will make you fail the entire sidequest. This is because this particular lift is a trigger for Byron to move to his next location at Upper Calrath. In short, if you don’t inform him about the pendant before you get onto the lift, then you won’t be able to complete the quest.

You then find a bloody backpack at Winterberry’s location, and it turns out that Byron has killed her, thinking that she is a monster.

Use the Drainage Key

The Pendant, on the other hand, is actually found on another NPC character called Winterberry, and she is found in the Revelation Depths. You can reach this area when you drain away the water present on this level in Lords of the Fallen.

Now that you have the Drainage Control Key in your possession, you can use it to drain away the water. After that, you can journey to the Revelation Depth area, climb the ladder, open the caged door,  and then pull the lever. Head to the underground section and then make your way through that place until you reach a cave section.

Then, you can simply drop down after entering the cave area and continue onwards, dodging small enemies along the way. You will come across a wooden bridge, and if you continue onwards, you will also observe an elevator next to a lever on your left. If you take that elevator, it will also fail the Winterberry Quest in Lords of the Fallen.

Meet with Winterberry

Instead, you can keep running forward and then climb down the ladder and go downstairs. There will be some other stairs that you will need to take to reach the lower levels. Then, you can enter the cave tunnels on your right side and go through them until you finally reach a place that will be lit with candles and some items.

You will notice a hunchback there, so go to her and speak with her. This NPC trader will introduce herself as Winterberry in Lords of the Fallen. You can then access her inventory and see what items Winterberry has listed for sale.

Among the items, you will find different options such as the Hysteria Pendant, etc. However, she will not sell you the pendant that Byron has requested you to find in LOTF.

How to complete the Winterberry quest in LOTF

You can travel back to Byron and inform him about the Pendant’s whereabouts. After the dialogue session ends, you can go back to the Cistern area where you previously fought the Skinstealer, and now you can enter the lift.

By entering the lift now in the Winterberry sidequest, it will trigger both Byron and Winterberry to move to the Skyrest Bridge area next in Lords of the Fallen. Depending on which side you take, you can choose to reveal the truth to Byron about the Pendant being in Winterberry’s Possession.  

If you take the route of telling him about Winterberry having the pendant, Byron will disappear from the game, leaving behind some items as rewards for you to salvage in LOTF.

Speak with Byron and Winterberry

Moreover, if you reach the Upper Calrath area and find both Byron and Winterberry there, then you can go to Byron first and speak with him. After he finishes his dialogues, you will get the Umbral Eye of Ethryg as a reward for completing the Winterberry quest in LOTF.

Then, you can go to the NPC merchant Winterberry and check her inventory. As part of completing the sidequest associated with her this time, you will observe an addition of items in her inventory. These will include the following five items:

  1. Byron’s Cap
  2. Byron’s Sleeves
  3. Byron’s Trouser
  4. Byron’s Garb
  5. Byron’s Shovel

Lastly, completing the Winterberry sidequest will earn you the achievement or trophy known as Moving On in Lords of the Fallen.

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