Best Spells In Lords Of The Fallen

These spells, along with the respective Catalyst, will help you make an OP Build.

If you are aiming for the best Spellblade build, then you will have to go with the best spells in Lords of the Fallen. There are three schools of magic, and each of these will require its respective catalyst. These will include Radiant Spells, Umbral spells, and Inferno/Rhogar spells.

If you want to wield any of these spells, you will have to acquire the required catalyst for them as well. For example, the Radiant Spells will require the Radiance Catalyst, and so on.

However, distinguishing the best spells can be a hard choice, given that you have a wide range of spells to access and choose from. Most of these spells can be purchased through different NPC characters during your playthrough when you explore various areas.

In this LOTF guide, I will be addressing the best spells in all three schools of magic: Radiant, Umbral, and Inferno, so read on to discover their locations and status effects to enhance your builds.

Lords of the Fallen best Radiant spells

Radiant Spells are important spells that you should utilize. These particular spells provide you with a weapon buff and also come with a healing factor for your build. The best radiant spells that you can choose are:

1. Radiant Orb

Location: Purchased from Stomund at the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.

The Radiant Orb is an S Tier Radiant Spell that can prove to be really effective in your fights. It is a projectile attack that has an excellent range to it, and after coming in contact with the target, it explodes.

Moreover, the Radiant Orb spell is very good at Crowd Control, has a very nice AOE, and affects all enemies that come in its blast radius. In addition to that, the Radiant Orb Spell consumes (59) Mana and also adds the incentive of providing your build with a nice healing effect in LOTF.

2. Radiant Flare

Location: Purchased from Exacter Dunmire, who can be found at the Skyrest Bridge.

The Radiant Flare is an excellent Radiant Spell, which is pretty easy to cast and delivers a nice chunk of damage on your enemies in Lords of the Fallen.

Moreover, this particular spell consumes way less Mana (16) as compared to the other spells in the Radiant spell category. You can use the Radiant Flare to target enemies at a distance, and its damage can be amplified if you invest in the Radiance stat in LOTF.

3. Radiant Weapon

Location: Purchased from Exacter Dunmire at the Skyrest Bridge.

If you are looking for a radiant spell to buff your weapon with more holy damage, then you should go with using the Radiant Weapon Spell. Although the buff effect is temporary and lasts around 90 sec, during that time, you can deliver insane damage on those enemy mobs with relative ease.

The Radiant Weapon is also cheap in terms of consuming (60) Mana, and you can use it multiple times throughout your fights in LOTF.

4. Lacerting Weapon

Location: Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.

The Lacerting Weapon spell is very similar to the Radiant Weapon, as it provides you with a nice weapon buff. Compared to the Radiant weapon spell, the Lacerting Weapon allows you to inflict bleed status on the enemies.

The status effect for this spell allows you to imbue your weapon with blood and works well against all kinds of enemies that you will encounter in your battles in LOTF.

5. Blessed Reflections

Location: Purchased from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge.

The Blessed Reflections is among those Radiant Spells that deliver a lot of damage for (99) Mana; this specific spell is definitely worth it as it allows you to summon two different types of Spirit Projections, which do a whole bunch of damage to your enemies.

Furthermore, the best thing about this radiant spell is that if you use the Blessed Reflection spell at a distance, it will turn into a projectile attack and can be helpful in your boss fights in LOTF.

Lords of the Fallen best Umbral spells

Umbral Spells are very useful spells that allow you to summon the realm of Umbral into Axiom during those tough fights. For Umbral Spells to work, you will need an Umbral Catalyst, which can be found in different areas.

Compared to the Radiant and Inferno spells, the casting speed for the Umbral spells is slow. However, this factor is diminished by the fact that the Umbral spells provide your build with a weapon buff and also lower the defense of your enemies.

1. Barrage of Echoes

Location: Purchased from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge.

If you are interested in the best Umbral Spell, then look no further, as the Barrage of Echoes should be the ideal choice for you. At the cost of (39) mana, this specific spell allows you to launch a whole bunch of self-destructive bubbles that can detonate on impact.

This way, the damage delivered by the Barrage of Echoes spell stacks up pretty nicely and allows you to target multiple enemies at once. Moreover, you can spam the Barrage of Echoes spell continuously during your fights and also use the ranged attack to dominate your fights in LOTF.

2. Latimer’s Javelin

Location: Hushed Saint (Boss remembrance), purchased from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge.

Latimer’s Javelin spell is also another projectile attack that comes in the form of a large exploding javelin that you can hurl onto your enemies. Moreover, what makes this specific Umbral spell the best spell in its category is the fact that it delivers a fair amount of damage.

To sum it up, Latimer’s Javelin has a decent travel distance for you to utilize your ranged attacks and is also good at Crowd Control in LOTF. Lastly, you can cast this umbral spell quickly, and it is also easy to use.

3. Poison Weapon

Location: Purchased from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge.

If you want the best umbral spell that can buff your weapon with a Poison effect, then you can select the Poison Weapon spell. The best thing about this spell is that it not only inflicts poison damage on your enemies but also increases the physical damage of your build.

That being said, the Poison Weapon spell is perfect, especially when you pair it alongside withering builds, because it limits the enemy to regenerate their health.

4. Painful Echo

Location: Purchased from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge.

Painful Echo is another good option for you to consider when choosing the best Umbral Spells and works quite similarly to the Umbral Orb Spell in Lords of the Fallen.

This spell consumes 53 Mana, and it performs really well as it bounces off enemies and provides a continuous chain attack on multiple enemies in your fights. This makes the Painful Echo spell the best umbral spell in terms of damage to FP ratio and is more effective against enemies in groups. 

5. Umbral Weapon

Location: Purchased from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge.

The Umbral Weapon spell buffs your weapon with a bunch of high withering damage, and this results in it being one of the best umbral spells in LOTF. This allows you to drain away your enemy’s health quickly and makes you more dominant in your fights.

Best Inferno/Rhogar spells in Lords of the Fallen

The Inferno spells are known as the Rhogar spells in LOTF. These spells provide severe damage along with inflicting specific status effects on your enemies.

If you are focusing on an attacking build and aren’t interested in defensive or healing spells, then you can go with the best inferno spells to deliver maximum damage during your fights. Lastly, the Inferno Spells will require an Inferno Catalyst, so make sure to find these during your playthrough.

1. Seismic Slam

Location: Purchased from Tortured Prisoner in exchange for the Giant Eyeball.

The Seismic Slam is the best inferno spell, which has a fantastic range and does a ridiculous amount of damage on your enemy. Moreover, the thing that separates this Rhogar spell from the rest of the inferno spells is the fact that it can be cast quickly, can go through enemies, has a decent AoE, and allows you to get some burn build-up on your enemies.

As the name of this inferno spell suggests, the Seismic slam allows you to slam your enemies with a large fiery hammer and also causes an explosion.

2. Adyr’s Rage

Location: Bought from Damarose at the Pilgrim’s Perch.

If you are interested in the best inferno spell, which can boost both your physical and fire damage, then you should go with Adyr’s Rage.

Moreover, if you use Adyr’s Rage with your fire-based spells, then it will amplify their damage as well, which makes it ideal for you if you are aiming for an inferno-type build.

3. Infernal Weapon

Location: Behind Shrine of Adyr at the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

The Infernal Weapon spell is among the best inferno spells, which provides your build with a weapon buff in terms of fire damage in LOTF. Moreover, this specific spell also inflicts a burn buildup on the enemy.

The Infernal Weapon spell costs 60 Mana, and the buff effects provided by it last over 90 sec, allowing you to demolish your enemies with relative ease.

4. Lava Burst

Location: From a chest at the Lower Calrath.

You can use the Lava Burst spell to produce those ranged fire projectile attacks on your enemy. Furthermore, the Lava Bust spell is somewhat of an upgraded version of the Infernal Orb. This way, you will be able to deliver twice the amount of fire damage by using this spell.

Apart from that, the Lava Burst also provides a decent AoE and causes your projectile to explode and hit multiple enemies at once in LOTF.

5. Adyr’s Endurance

Location: Bought from Damarose at the Pilgrim’s Perch.

Adyr’s Endurance spell is another good inferno spell that provides your inferno build with the stamina regeneration buff in Lords of the Fallen. That being said, stamina regeneration can be an annoying factor as it tends to run out quickly.

Using the Adyr’s Endurance spell allows you to refill that stamina bar insanely fast for 90 sec during your fights. This will enable you to dodge and attack your enemies at the same time constantly. This spell has an eight-inferno requirement.

You can put on a random inferno catalyst and remove Adyr’s Endurance spell and still retain the stamina buff while stacked with other spells like Adyr’s Hardiness.

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