Best Grand Swords In Lords Of The Fallen

The best Grand Swords to make your builds even stronger.

In Lords of the Fallen, Grand Swords are heavy and large swords that can deal a lot of damage to all types of enemies. While some are suited for specific builds, others are versatile. If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at the list of the best Grand Swords in LOTF.

1. Ravager Gregory’s Sword

  • Weight: 43.4
  • Physical: 90
  • Holy: 45
  • Attack Power: 180

Ravager Gregory’s Sword is one of the best Grand Swords with a fantastic attack power for almost all types of builds. Apart from good attack, it is also great in range. It can cause collateral damage quickly, which makes it suitable for killing enemies in hordes.

It has high requirements for both radiance and strength, which is 30. But considering its attack power, it’s understandable that it is best used for the latter part of the game.

To find it, start from the Vestige of Lydia in Lower Calrath, come out of the building, and head straight. Then, turn left and go through the area of the large bonfire. Use the wooden slopes and stairs to the left of the bonfire to reach the rooftops.

Climb down from the ladder and go up the small set of stairs on the right. Don’t go all the way up; instead, go to the umbral realm and pass through the wooden support panels. Climb up the ladder and go through this platform until you reach a small opening into a cave at the far end.

Progress through hand jumps down to go up the slope where the burning room is. Spot the stone stairs beside the room and go up. Keep going until you reach the starting building where the Vestige is. This whole process is needed if you don’t have the ladder already down. If you do, climb it and continue with the next steps.


You’ll see two planks going up. Climb these to the top and find a body over the fire. Go near it and get the Ravager Gregory’s Rosary. Now take this to Exacter Dunmire, and he’ll now have the Ravager Gregory’s Sword in his possession, unlocked for you.

2. Sword of Skin And Tooth

  • Weight: 41.3
  • Physical: 100
  • Holy: 0
  • Attack Power: 146

The most versatile Grand Sword of all, Sword of Skin and Tooth, is the best Grandsword for all types of builds in Lords of the Fallen. It has good attack power, which makes it easier to land heavy attacks and combos. The ranking of this sword starts at B, which is already a good rank for level 1. If you are a beginner and not sure which grand sword to use, go for Sword of Skin and Tooth.

Start from the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch and go out of the building. Run straight ahead until you see an enemy with a ranged weapon. Turn right from here and break the wooden object in the way. Look slightly to the right, and you’ll see a blocked door.

Pull up your umbral lamp to make the bricks vanish and reveal the stairs. Climb up, and by the wall, you’ll find a chest containing this weapon.

3. Fallen Lord’s Sword

  • Weight: 42.3
  • Physical: 73
  • Holy: 0
  • Attack Power: 146

If you want to play as an Inferno-focused character, the Fallen Lord’s Sword may be the best one for you. It is the best weapon for the Inferno build, with C+ as the initial ranking. This ranking goes up to A+ max, which makes it one of the top-tier weapons overall in Lords of the Fallen.

For each strike, a burst of flames erupts, which also does damage to the nearby enemies, making it a useful animation.

Fallen Sword is a heavy weapon that can make you juggle between other items, so be aware of this. Even though it is the best for Inferno with the highest rating, it has low attack power that can be a problem if not upgraded enough.

To find Fallen Sword, spawn at the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch. Jump out of the building and keep going until you see a large tree on fire in the middle of the ground. Turn left and up the slope to the rooftop.

Jump down or use the ladder that goes to the brick path and look for a burning room. Turn left towards the room and climb up the wooden slope. Once in front of the room, you’ll notice that flames block it.

Enter the umbral realm and cross it. Once inside, spot the ladder in the middle of the room and climb it. Then, climb up two levels of stairs until you see a fireplace in the corner across the stairs. Go up to it, and on the plank near it, you’ll find the Fallen Lord’s Sword in LOTF.

4. Bloody Glory

  • Weight: 35.1
  • Physical: 70
  • Holy: 70
  • Attack Power: 140

A two-handed Grand Sword, Bloody Glory is one of the best weapons to use against bosses. Its bleed is highly effective and can make the fights much easier to go through. Although its attacks are slow, the damage and bleeding make them work. The ranking of the weapon starts at C+ and goes to the A+ high rank, making the upgrades much more worth it.

Unfortunately, it has a high requirement of 32 Radiance, which can make it harder for players who are playing without the radiance build. For non-radiant build players, if you level up enough and keep the stats balanced, maybe then you can use this weapon to its full potential.

If you want to find Bloody Glory before anything else, you need the Pilgrim’s Perch Key. Find Stomund at Skyrest and buy the key from him. Now teleport to the Vestige of Blind Agatha and take the path in front of the Vestige.

Go through the right tunnel, and you’ll reach the area with planks. Cross these, and once you get to the next area, turn to Umbral. Cross this newly shown bone bridge and go through the right tunnel. Stay on the left side until you reach the outside.

Cross the bone bridge and go inside the room by the large bell. Exit the Umbral and climb the ladder. Go through the caves and turn right at the statue. Keep following the path until you see a dead soldier over a tomb in Lords of the Fallen with the Grand sword.

5. Justice Sword

  • Weight: 32.8
  • Physical: 106
  • Holy: 45
  • Attack Power: 151

Lastly, let’s talk about the Justice Sword. It is one of the best swords for strength builds and can deal a lot of damage. It is best for fighting against bosses as its high damage makes attacks easier. This has no particular specialty compared to other weapons, but if you find it and have no particular build yet, this can be a good choice.

The Justice Sword is found in the Sunless Skein Hoist. Spawn at the Vestige of Catrin and go outside through the tunnels. Keep going through the path of wooden platforms and bridges until you reach another tunnel.

Go inside and up the wooden platforms. Turn to Umbral, and at the end of the wooden path, you’ll land back on stone with an opening on your right.

Go through this cave filled with enemies and turn right again into a new cave. This will lead you outside again. Cross the bridge in front of you and turn left. Here, you’ll find a large enemy, Holy Bulwark. Behind him, you’ll see a few wooden boxes. Break them to find the Justice Grand Sword in Lords of the Fallen.

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