How To Find The Bloody Glory Sword In Lords Of The Fallen

The Epic Grand Sword to take out tough bosses.

Bloody Glory Sword in Lords of the Fallen is an epic grand sword great for Strength or Radiance based Paladin Builds. This vampiric sword is capable of inflicting both physical and holy damage with 300 Bleed Status on every hit.

The Bloody Glory sword requires 20 Strength and 32 Radiance as its prerequisites. You will get your hands on this sword in the later stage of the game only if you know its location. Don’t worry; I will help you get to this grand sword.

Lords of the Fallen Bloody Glory Sword location

In order to obtain the Bloody Glory Sword, you need to approach the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom. Sadly, things are not as easy as you think; the region has some locked areas. To unlock the room with the grand sword, you need to have the key.

You can buy the key directly from Stomund, Captain of Fidelis at Skyrest. In his inventory, he has the Pilgrim’s Perch Key that you can buy for 9,500 vigor. Once you have purchased it, head straight to the Pilgrim’s Bellroom Vestige.

The Bloody Glory sword in LOTF is on the bloody soldier in the tomb in Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom. To get there, you need to use the Pilgrim’s Perch Key to open a nearby door with a lantern hanging from it. You will need to head right and jump over a section of wooden planks to avoid a pit.

Make your way through the cave until you find an exit. Then, enter a new cave system after crossing a spine bridge and head left. Climb up a ladder to head further into the cave. Turn right at a Stone Statue that you will find in the cave system and watch out for incoming traps and more enemies.


The end of the path will show a bloody soldier on a tombstone with the Bloody Glory Sword in Lords of the Fallen. You can upgrade this further to increase its effectiveness. To improve the Holy damage done by this sword, you can use the Devoth and Orimon weapon runes. Equipping the Empyrean Pendant will enhance it further.

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