Lords Of The Fallen Best Agility Build

This hit-and-run Agility build attacks in quick bursts, balancing great DPS with utility coverage.

Agility builds lend themselves well to multi-hitting flurries of attacks, capable of disengaging easily after taking out big chunks of enemy health. For a balanced build that has great utility for all situations without risking your neck, Agility in Lords of the Fallen is the way to go.

Best Class for Agility build

Despite starting class choice flexibility, the Exiled Stalker stands out. This is the class to pick if you want to sail the early game with a high DPS output.

The stats below show what an endgame distribution at level 115 should look like. Agility, Endurance, and Vitality take precedence even in early games.


Best Equipment for Agility build in LOTF

  • Weapons: Talon, Empowering Claw, Any bow, Radiant Arrows
  • Armor: Any Light Armor
  • Amulet: Princess’ Sting
  • Rings: Ring of Nourishment and Mineowner’s Ring
  • Runes: Dimexus, Oritix, and Tumul

Talon is a mid-game weapon you can find in the Fief of the Chill Curse. Meanwhile, Empowering Claw is a late-game weapon in the Tower of Penance. Its impressive stats and damage make it a strong, future-proof option.

Dual wielding with the weapons available is great. As you unlock the stronger claws later, the returns on DPS boost via dual wielding increase exponentially.

The Princess’ Sting helps bolster your DPS greatly because of your low equipment load and complements your already high base DPS greatly. Your stamina requirements tend to be low per swing so having good stamina regen with the Mineowner’s Ring will keep you quick on your feet.

The stamina regen is good for bolstering your disengagement ability after unloading a series of deadly attacks. Bows in this Lords of the Fallen Agility build aren’t your primary weapons. These are just for utility. There’s no binding law on which bow you ought to equip, any decent one will do the trick. The Assassin’s Bow is a nice option to keep in mind.

The runes are especially for survival during exploration, especially with Tumul. Dimexus and Oritix will boost your DPS capabilities.

The key selling point in this agility build is that it offers you total freedom and consistency through all stages of the LOTF. Many status effect-oriented agility are concerned with hitting the perfect threshold to trigger their statuses and reap high damage afterward.

With this build, your damage is at its peak from the beginning. You get to pace the battle as you see fit instead of having to go for a hyper-aggressive style for maximum returns. With the bow in tow, you’re not limited to just close-quarters brawls especially when exploring areas, and can flexibly approach various situations.

It’s best that you hit 30 Agility as soon as possible to boost the power of your main weapon noticeably. Points in Endurance and Vitality ought to be distributed as you see fit for increased weapon swinging and dodging as well as survival rating.

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