How To Defeat Adyr, The Bereft Exile In Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, you'll face Adyr as you get the standard ending. Instead of facing you, he'll summon his lackeys to take you out.

Adyr, the Bereft Exile, is the final boss in Lords of the Fallen Radiant (standard) ending. As you complete your playthrough and cleanse all the beacons in your way, you will reach the ending stage of the game. You will see a floating figure outside the arena, ranting about his past life and the betrayal of his creation. 

Unfortunately, you will not get to fight the massive skeleton Adyr, as he cannot use his powers in the Rhogar realm. You will however face his loyal followers in a boss fight. This makes it substantially easy but if you still find the ending sequence hard in any way, our guide is here to help. 

Adyr, the Bereft Exile location  

adyr lords of the fallen location

As soon as you light the first beacon in the game, you will be locked in the Radiant ending and unable to pursue the path to achieve the other two endings. Now, the only way to reach the final boss arena is to cleanse the remaining four beacons and defeat the Colossal Sentinel bosses at each one.  

Finally, you can explore the vastness of Bramis Castle, from its core to the ending parts. There, you will come across Adyr, the Bereft Exile, as a large, malformed creature with twisted vines all over his body in Lords of the Fallen. Using your Soulflay, you can then enter the Rhogar realm and listen to what the fallen god has to say to convince you. 

How to Defeat Adyr, the Bereft Exile  

adyr lords of the fallen boss fight

Upon reaching the final boss arena, you will notice a few creatures standing on the platform below their god’s appearance. When the cutscene ends, and you regain control of your character, you can move ahead and take the followers head-on. Killing each of these creatures will reduce the health bar of the god, eventually leading to his death. 

  • The first thing you should do before going to Adyr’s closest platform is to eliminate the non-moving creatures in your way by soulflaying the inactive parasites within them. If you don’t do so now, the boss will soon make them active through enchantment, enabling them to deal damage to your character. 
  • Adyr will create a magical seal in a circular form below him and bestow powers to his loyal followers through an enchanting fire. This fire touches his followers and empowers them to fight against you.  
  • As you kill a creature, it will explode violently, causing damage if you stand close to it. So, as soon as you land the final hit to an enemy, quickly make a safe distance to avoid any damage. The best strategy to deal with these exploding creatures is to kill them using ranged attacks.  
  • The creatures can occasionally throw fire projectiles at you. You can stay at the back of the fighting area and use the pillars as your cover to avoid getting damaged. 
  • Ensure not to step on the magma pits created by the followers on the ground. You can recognize the magma-affected ground by the yellow glow coming from it. 
  • At the final stages of the fight, when about four to five minutes have passed, Adyr can cause an unexpected ranged explosion, leading you to instant death. Quickly locate and eliminate the remaining followers before the boss attempts the mega explosion attack. 

You can approach the circular platform beneath the boss with the last creature slain. In the following cutscene, you will see the Umbral Lamp consuming Adyr, followed by the consumption of your character in Lords of the Fallen.


Adyr, the Bereft Exile Rewards 

The final boss drops no particular rewards as loot in Lords of the Fallen. However, you will unlock the Radiant Purifier class for your next playthrough and New Game+.  

Having done with Adyr, you can head to the Vestige of Betrayed Eliardc situated in Fitzroy’s Gorge. After defeating The Ruiner boss there, you can enter the Umbral realm to reach the Shrine of Adyr. Finally, you can Soulflay the Umbral Stigma to get the Remembrance of Adyr, the Bereft Exile. 

The Remembrance can then be presented to Molhu to obtain the following items: 

  • Adyr’s Vengeance 
  • Flame Funnel

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