Lords Of The Fallen 2 Will Launch For The PS5 and Xbox Series X

In a recent interview, Marek Tyminski of CI Games confirmed that Lords of the Fallen 2 is still in development and will launch for the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Lords of the Fallen 2 is currently still in development over at CI Games. According to the studio, the title will launch for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In a recent interview, Marek Tyminski of CI Games talked about the development process of Lords of the Fallen 2. Tyminski revealed that they were developing the game for next-gen consoles and PC.

Though he stated that CI Games is still a small group of people and that they are looking for more developers to speed up the game’s development process.

It was almost two years ago when CI Games announced Lords of the Fallen 2. The original Lords of Fallen game was developed by Deck 13. However, CI Games partnered with Defiant Studios to produce the second part of the game.

Defiant Studios later announced that they will not be using designs already created in the pre-production of the game. They stated they will develop the game from the ground up. After those series of events, we heard nothing of Lords of Fallen 2 until now.

The first game in the Lord of Fallen series had engaging combat and challenging gameplay. Though fans didn’t ignore the game’s lackluster storytelling and uninspired visuals. Gamers who loved the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series felt right at home with the first game.

Even though Lords of the Fallen got mostly positive reviews from critics, we expect the sequel to have a better narrative. CI Games faced some financial complications and reached a point where they almost axed Lords of the Fallen 2. Fans of the franchise will be pleased to know that the project is still moving ahead.

The genre of RPG action-adventure has no shortage of games that provide hardcore gamers the fix that they need. Recently, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice filled that void and provided a challenging yet rewarding experience to fans of the genre.

Hopefully, CI Games and Defiant Studios can at least match that level of excellence with Lords of the Fallen 2.