Lord of the Rings War in the North Walkthrough

Time to kick some orcs' ass. Can't do it alone? Worry not as we are here with the complete Lord of the Rings War in the North Walkthrough

Snowblind Studios wants you to feel the cold wrath of North. The game takes you outside the main adventure and portrays the ongoing chaos in the north section of the Middle earth and this Lord of the Rings War in the North Walkthrough will be your key to it all.

Lord of the Rings War in the North Walkthrough

You will be taking control of one of the three available warriors and fight against the army of notorious Sauron alone or with other players in the co-op mode.

Either you choose Farin (the dwarf champion), Eradan (the human ranger) or Andriel (the female elf mage), your goal will be to fight against all odds and destroy the dark side. The game promotes the co-op based gameplay and the typical RPG elements like the side quests, dialogue dependent results and the upgrade system are there to keep you busy for some time.

And if you are stuck somewhere during your quest, you can refer to the following walkthrough for guidance.

After familiarizing yourself with the interface, talk to Aragorn. There are some people you can talk to in the tavern and offer them your help. You should keep track of your quest log for updates and missions. If you want to start things by earning some cash then talk to Tedder and solve some riddles. You will find Rowlie sitting close to stairs. You can help him solving his problem.

There is also a mirror beside Rowlie where you can change your appearance. Leave the tavern now and head to the Blacksmith to the left. Explore the street and you will find the concerned people to complete your little tasks (return to Prancing Pony to complete them). Before you leave for the countryside, it’s better that you pay a visit to Adalgar who will sell you arms and other goods. Move across the street to exit the town.

Follow the stairs upwards to meet some bad guys. You will learn about the basic combat system here. The yellow icon is the symbol that you can execute the critical attack. After the practice session is over, you will have to fight with some archers. Nothing serious but a test of what you have learnt before. It’s important that you don’t forget to loot the area after any fight. The more loot you collect, the faster will be your character progression.

By now you will have an upgrade available. Open the menu and upgrade the skill you desire to have for your character. As you enter the fortress, you will face a giant creature. Then in the the next section, plenty of goblins will spawn. Deal with them and gather the loot afterwards.

Further ahead, you will have to break the chains and deal with the goblins alongside. After the small chatting session, gather the loot near the room above and then get to the transport point that will allow you to trade items (you can even return to Bree for repairing purpose).

Proceed further to the next section. Guess what, there are more goblins to entertain you. Drop down the two machines and clear all the goblins in the area. Collect the loot in the chest near the second machine location. In the next area you will also learn to deploy your new buddy. Remove the enemy threat and then move to the proceed point. You will receive another summary and a transport point (to Bree) after you review your missions.

Outer Wards
Follow the waypoint and deal with the enemies along the way. When you are attacked by the archers, collect the crossbow to take them out. You can get hold of the turret if you manage to get rid of the crossbow user. After you have cleared the area, move upstairs to face a tough enemy. Don’t get intimidated and use your special attacks while you move around it. Use the potions if needed.

Inner Wards
Start following your friends. You can use the eagle to take out the crossbow. Soon, your friends will leave you to fight alone. You can use your crossbow to take out next wave of goblins and the archers above. After the destructive scene, move through the door that just opened behind you.

Watch out for those psycho sappers inside which you should eliminate before they get to you. More sappers will attack as you move up the slope. After you shoot the red ball, more sappers will arrive. Deal with them and then move along the path cleared by another red ball. A couple of more sappers will enter so you should not get too close.

Next, you will find a magic casting Orc protection the crossbow. You will have to get through the shield before you can take him out. Activate the switch to open the door. Take control of the crossbow to defend yourself till the gate opens.

The bridge section is quite tricky. You will have to deal with enemies closing in from both ends. It won’t be difficult if you are playing co-op but with AI, you will have to be quick to keep track of both sides. The gate will eventually open to save your life. There will be two more archers to deal with in the next open area. Just ahead the tower, you will find a transporting point you can use for restock and repairing purpose.

Move along the ramp and then move through the gate. Pull the lever to open another gate. On the other side, another long fight is waiting for you. Deal with the sappers first and then turn your attention towards archers and Goblins. Your friends will arrive again at the end to open the path for you.

The next section have the magical Orc but it has relatively fewer enemies. Get inside the shield and knock him out. Once the fighting part is over, approach to the final checkpoint.

The Citidal
You will be welcome by a crossbow followed by a waves of goblins. Call the eagle to deal with the crossbow and then you can deal with the Goblins. While the gate opens, take out the magical Orc first. Inside, instead of going right, walk along left to collect some loot.

At the bridge, deal with the two archers above you and then the Goblin waves protected by another magic caster Orc. You will hear the call from your companion to deal with sappers coming from behind. When the gate opens, a couple of Orcs will try to frighten you. There is nothing to be worried about. Take them out one by one. You can collect more loot at the top of the stairs.

You will soon come to a door that apparently needs some time to opened. While your friends opens it, you will have to take care of the enemies spawning area. Enemy waves will become difficult progressively. Do use your ranges attacks if you have them. The troll that appears at the end should be attacked by the eagle first which will make the rest easier for you.

There is another travelling point ahead if you want to visit Bree for something needy. Follow your companions and after another checkpoint, a cutscene will play. You have a boss Orc to deal with. Your friends (like many times before) will leave you alone. You should not get hasty and focus on dodging the attacks first. Smaller minions will also enter the fight so you should deal with them first before turning to the big guy.

If you have any ranged attacks, they will be of great help. After the fight is over, your friends will back with whom you can discuss the future proceedings.

Sarn Ford
There is nothing special in this area. You will talk with the leader and then you can opt to find the cure for a fellow suffering from black breath. You can leave the village and pursue your main quest.

The Barrow Downs
As you reach a large open field, head right to gather some loot. Move down the hill (collect anything you find along the way) and you will face new enemies – undead from the tombs. They are zombies so don’t expect them to die that easily. The zombie trolls are strong but there is nothing much to be worried about. It will take some time but if you stick to the basics, they won’t be able to harm you.

The right side of the exit has some loot waiting for you. Follow the path till you are attacked by plenty of wights. You should not try to be aggressive here as they do more damage than the regular goblins. As you move on, there will be a tomb eruption that will lead to the spawn of many undead. This time, they have armors and swords. They won’t be hard to take down if you take out the archers first.

Move through the opened passage and get ready to face a boss. The fight is easier if you are playing with your buddies. But if you are solo, things can be tough when you will have to deal with the boss and his resurrected spirits together. You will also have to dodge his stone attacks. Fortunately, he is not much resistant against your attacks so if you focus on him primarily, you can bring him down fast. Your decision making power will be tested here as you will have to shift your priorities depending upon the amount of minions entering the battle area.

You can’t afford to relax yet as the next section has plenty of more enemies. And considering the fact that you have just fought a tough situation, things can go worse. Use your ranged attacks if you don’t want enemies to overrun you. While standing on the small alcove there, don’t move further to the tunnel as it will be an invitation to more enemies.

In the next section, you can use the narrow tunnel passage to bottleneck the zombies which is a good way to avoid being surrounded by the enemies. This will be the last of the towers needed to be cleared. Further ahead, you will encounter two more archers to deal with. Deal with them quickly as more zombies will enter the area soon.

After you are done fighting with zombies, head up the slop to your left to find some loot. Move back and follow your primary path. At the next save point, you can choose to repair the ranger with the herbs you have got. In the next large field, there will be another fight with the Barrow Boss. He is no different so you can use the same strategy you used earlier. You should deal with the archers first and the rest is easy.

The Barrow of Amon Gorthad

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