It Looks Like Zombies Will Indeed Appear in Resident Evil 7, Character Models Shared

Zombies have been confirmed for Resident Evil 7. New images show character models and different environments from the new game.

Ever since the announcement of Resident Evil 7, we have been wondering about how the game handles survival horror and what new direction it is taking. Capcom has shown cryptic video tapes that are not representative Resident Evil 7 gameplay.

The video tapes suggest a very Outlast like direction for the series. No zombies or bio threats had appeared which was starting to become a worry. However, it looks like zombies will indeed be a part of Resident Evil 7.

Capcom shared some new behind the scenes development images that gave us a look at our first Resident Evil 7 zombie model. Half of his skull and brain is missing and we couldn’t be happier.

Here’s an entire gallery of some of the folks we will get to meet in Resident Evil 7.

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We can also see different characters that will appear in the game such as a young blonde woman. Interestingly, we have not heard or seen any classic Resident Evil characters so far.

This is due to Capcom scaling back on classic characters, according to Leon Kennedy voice actor Matt Mercer.

As far as 7 goes, I think they’re scaling back a little bit on throwing in all the classic cameos. I can say that I don’t have any involvement in 7 directly.

The new Resident Evil is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and other platforms in early 2017. More details about the game will arrive in the coming weeks.

Do you think scaling back on classic characters is a good idea?

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