It Looks Like We Aren’t Getting a Sequel to The Order 1886

The Order 1886 sequel is not going to happen anytime soon it seems. Ready At Dawn is currently working on a new IP with an original idea which means The Order 1886 sequel is going to happen right now.

The Order 1886 released close to 4 years ago and gained a niche following. Fans of the game have been wanting to see a sequel to the game but it looks like that isn’t happening. According to a job listing, Ready At Dawn is working on a new game, a new AAA IP with an original idea.

The news comes from a job listing from the studio that mentioned their various in development projects. The listing mentions “a brand new original IP” so it is safe to say that The Order 1886 sequel isn’t on the cards. However, it doesn’t mean it won’t be on the cards in the future.

Ready At Dawn opened its doors 15 years ago, and since then has remained a proudly independent team of developers based in Irvine, CA. We’re currently creating games for both AAA console and virtual reality audiences, and in the past we’ve worked on critically-acclaimed titles such as Daxter (PSP), God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP), God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP), Okami (Wii port), The Order: 1886 (PS4), Deformers (PC, PS4, XB1), and Lone Echo (Oculus Rift).

We’re currently in various stages of development on several exciting endeavors:

A new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP
The expansion of the award-winning Echo universe through our ongoing partnership with Oculus
Continued development of Deformers for its upcoming China launch in partnership with Tencent

We’re always looking for talented and passionate people to help us push the boundaries of technology, gameplay, art, and story-telling. Let’s make something rad together!

Since The Order 1886 nothing significant has come out of Ready At Dawn. This is their first major in development AAA title after The Order’s release. The Order was a PS4 exclusive so it won’t be surprising if Sony is funding the development of this new IP as well.

Would you have liked to see a sequel to The Order? Or are you happy with the new IP?

Source: Ready At Dawn

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