Oort Online is a New Multiplayer Sandbox Title by Loinhead and EA Ex-Devs

UK based studio Wonderstruck which is primarily comprised of many veterans of Lionhead Studios and Electronic Arts has announced that its next project Oort Online is now available for early access and pre-orders.

Oort Online is a voxel-based sandbox role-playing game that puts players in different planets having distinctive geological structure, resource pool, and player creation. As the veteran explorers of the Oort, players will go about different procedurally-generated worlds of the universe solely or with their compadres.

The game is currently in its crowd-funding phase, but instead of taking it to the Kickstarter, Wonderstruck is sticking to its own website where it will be funded for yet to be revealed stretch of time. Backers can start paying as of this very instant to get entitled for various rewards; the lowest of which is a game key for $15. The higher tiers include pre-alpha access to the game and goes from $95 to staggering $5,000.

As of now, the studio is targeting funds for the game’s combat system which has acquired well over $19,000 at the time of writing this. You can read more about the rewards and funding options at the game’s official website.

Oort Online is scheduled to release in late 2015 across Windows, Mac, and Linux based PCs.

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