Liverpool is the Latest of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Clubs

Liverpool has become the latest of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 clubs that will be coming to Konami's competitor to EA Sport's FIFA games.

The English football club Liverpool has become the latest of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 clubs, joining up with such organizations as Arsenal and others to join up with Konami’s direct competitor to FIFA 17. Both games will be coming out in September, and there’s a lot of competition between them both.

Liverpool is located in the northwestern England city of the same name. The club signed a Premium Partnership agreement with Konami in order to get into the game. Through this partnership, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will include Liverpool’s official kit, its club anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and Liverpool’s home stadium of Anfield.

Anfield will be available as a free update to the game, to make up for the fact that the real-life Anfield stadium will be undergoing repairs sometime after the game launches.

Konami has been working as hard as it can to get more Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 clubs onto its roster. FIFA 17 already has a number of football clubs that are both from England and from continental Europe, including Juventus, Manchester United, and more.

Liverpool’s inclusion into the game also allows Pro Evolution Soccer’s Control Reality concept to take the club’s unique style of play into account. That means you can reproduce Gegenpress (a move where multiple players retrieve the ball from a high position) in-game.

Former legendary Liverpool players will also be making an appearance in-game, along with many measures by Konami to ensure that PES fans have as much fun as possible when the game releases. More information will soon be provided on the official website.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will be releasing on September 13 in North America on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Japan and Europe will get the game on September 15. FIFA 17, the EA Sports game that’s a direct competitor to PES, will be releasing September 27.

Until then, we’ll have to see if any other Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 clubs are revealed.

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