List of Confirmed PlayStation VR Titles Shared by Sony

Sony has provided a list of confirmed Playstation VR games.

Sony’s highly anticipated PlayStation VR, like many other virtual reality devices, is set to officially launch in the first half of 2016. Now this has PS4 fans very excited, so excited that they have even started compiling a list of games that have been confirmed to be VR ready when they are made available.

The list comprises of more than 50 titles, although some of the titles are demos at this point. They might make it to full game status or might not but one thing is given, they should be enjoyable especially horror games when PlayStation VR is made available.

Some of the biggest names in the games list includes the highly popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, PlayStation exclusive racer Driveclub, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Yeah you read that right, beach volleyball in VR!

PlayStation VR, originally known as Project Morpheus features a 5 inch display capable of 1080p resolution with a 90+ degree field of view. The device has HDMI and USB connection support and also supports PS camera for tracking and other purposes.

The full list of games and demos can be seen here.

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