Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Choices and Consequences Guide – The Best and the Worst Decisions

Our Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Choices and Consequences Guide will help you learn about the best and the worst choices in the game.

In this Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 Choices Guide we will focus on the list of choices the game will provide and the consequences of these decisions in the future episodes.

LiS2 is pretty deep and has a lot of content to offer its players. Be sure to replay this episode as much as you want to know the consequences of each choice you will make.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 Choices

This guide will focus entirely on what each choice’s consequence will be. There can be two to three different choices, depending on where you are in the game and it depends on you whether your choice will have a positive or negative impact.

Sean vs. Brett

In the start of the game, as soon as Sean heads outside the home, you will see a character named Brett interacting with the little brother.

You will rush to his aid only to find out that Brett is angry because the little brother of mine, Daniel accidentally spilled fake blood on Brett. You have two choices here:

Question Daniel
Choosing this option will make Sean question your Daniel to ask what he did. Daniel will reluctantly try to reply that it was an accident. He will also reveal that he was trying to act like a zombie and forgot that he was to stay inside the boundaries of the yard.


Confront Brett
Choosing this option will make Sean defend his little brother’s side and instead go on the offensive towards Brett. Brett will trigger Sean by calling Daniel a ‘retard’ and then shoving him.

Sean, obviously a teen, will try to shove him back and that is where the battle begins. And ends dramatically tragic.

The Weird Old Man in the Shop

Apparently, after moving out of town, when you are in the woods, Sean and Daniel will get hungry. While they are eating on the bench, an old man will approach and claim that they did not pay for the food or the map, even though the map was free.

Sean will try to deny that, the old man will then try to force the brothers to enter the building to show him the proof. Obviously, Sean and Daniel will try to deny that offer but the old man will get uncomfortably close. You are left with three choices

Choosing this option will make you choose the unreliable but a gentleman’s way: through discussion.

Sean will try to persuade the old man but only to find it that it is a futile attempt. The old man will force Sean to enter the building, this time getting physical and this will ultimately make him punch Sean in the guts, causing you to faint.

Choosing the natural instinct of every animal, when faced with danger, flee, will make Sean order the little brother Daniel to get out of here. The old man will grab Sean, but Daniel will run away and that is all that counts right?

Apparently, the old man will still punch Sean in the guts. Goddarn it Old Man, you got a thing for Mexican guts?

Choosing the most difficult option (probably because of the old man’s looks rather buff) ‘attack’ will make Sean fight him.

Sean will shove the old man back and punch him the face, only to realize that it was a bad move. The old man will resist and *sigh* punch. Sean. in. the. guts. The good thing is the little brother will get away.

In the Shop

Okay, so when you come into the shop, Sean will see that everything is a mess. Obviously, Sean will rush to his brother’s aid, only to realize that Daniel used his powers again and knocked the goddarned old guy out.

Daniel will seem flustered and confused. Here you are left with two choices again:

Choosing this option is obviously the best option in my opinion. Sean and Daniel will rush out of the shop, in hopes that no one saw them. Leaving as fast as possible so the old man does not wake up is a good choice, isn’t it?

Steal Camping Gear
Choosing this option is self-justified, partly because the old man was a jerk and quite possibly, a judgmental creep.

As soon as Sean will attempt to steal the camping gear, the old man will grab his legs and claim that both Sean and Daniel are going to jail for the rest of their lives. You are left with two options again:

Choosing this option will prompt you to run away from the old man and the shop, in hopes that the old man does not catch up.

“To hell with you” – Sean, 2018

Knock out and Steal
Choosing this option will certainly generate bad karma and be a bad influence on Daniel, but let us do it for fun, right?

Sean will kick the old man twice until the old man grabs his head in pain. He will then steal the supplies. The brothers will then leave the shop as fast as possible, even though it is raining heavily outside.

Sean’s Best Friend… Lyla

Okay, so Sean and Daniel are in the Motel. Sean decides to turn on his phone and is bombarded with messages from Lyla, the ‘Matchmaker Magic’ girl because she is freaking out that Sean and Daniel are not home.

Sean also freaks out but says that he does not want to involve Lyla into this mess and make her an accomplice. To this, you are prompted with two options:

Call Lyla Back
Choosing this option will make you enter a dramatic cutscene. Lyla will reveal that everyone is looking for Sean and Daniel and that the cops are asking every kid in school questions.

Lyla will try to comfort Sean into coming back, which is obviously a bad choice, and Sean will deny the offer. Sean will ultimately bid farewell to Lyla, telling her that he will call her again if he gets a chance and that they are going ‘away’.

Don’t Call Lyla
Choosing this option is the safest and nothing will happen.

And this is it! We have finally listed all the Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 Choices and Consequences in this guide. Be sure to let us know in the comments what choices you took originally and what you think each choice represents.

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