Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – How to Get All Kyber Bricks in Gungan City

Gungan City has another 15 Kyber Bricks for you to get in The Skywalker Saga. Here's how to solve their puzzles.

Several Kyber Bricks can be found in Gungan City below the surface of Planet Naboo in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Kyber Brick is an important currency in the game as it allows you to unlock new characters and level up skills in the game.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can get all 15 Kyber Bricks in Gungan City in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Some can be acquired by completing quests or puzzles while some have to be sought out in the area.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #1 – You Tink you So Smarty

Starting with arguably the easiest Kyber Brick in Gungan City. It acts as a hidden item, and to attain it, you must head into the sever vent below from the west side of the building.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #2 – Rugor’s Reward

Found in the same area as the first puzzle, simply use a Jango Fett to destroy the yellow-colored shinny box on the platform till it drops a brick to collect.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #3 – How Wude

The Third Kyber Brick in Gungan City can be floating underneath the lower Gungan City platform. Simply use a jetpack character like Boba Fett to get close and grapple onto the brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #4 – Bubble Burst / Button Puzzle

This Kyber Brick is locked behind a puzzle on the ship. Simply look below the Bubble Room platform to see the order of the switches that you’ll light up to get the Kyber Brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #5 – Gunning in Gunga

Use Jango Fett to shoot four consecutive targets below the Bubble Room within 20 seconds to receive the Kyber Brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #6 – Mesa Like Dis

Found at the lower Gungan City. Simply follow the checkpoints where you’ll find the Brick behind one of the crates. Destroy the crates by shooting them and find the Brick floating behind them.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #7 – Mooie-Mooie

Use two characters for this one. The first character stands on the switch opening the grapplers on the building in the lower bubble room area, while the other character climbs up to acquire the Brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #8 – Welcome to Otoh Gunga

Use Kit Fisto to reach the platforms at Gungan City to find the Brick inside the Shinny White Crate destroyed through explosives.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #9 – Wesa Home

Head to Lower Gungan City and reach the roof of the corridor. This is where you’ll find the Brick floating around. Simply use a force user to place a crate below it to jump and acquire the Brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #10 – Tarpal’s Treasure

Use a force user to place objects such as crates on three different switches to unlock a crate that possesses the Brick inside.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #11 – The Mostest Safest Place

Find three power nodes and put them in the three stations to unlock the crate holding the Brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #12 – Hidden City Heights

The twelfth brick can be found floating above the Gungan City platforms in the highest part of the city. It is very high up, so use the ladder to reach the highest part, then simply make use of your jetpack to grab the Kyber brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #13 – Bogwing Blunder

To acquire the thirteenth Kyber brick in Gungan City, make your way to the city’s upper level and talk to Gourmet Gungan. He’ll give you a fairy simple quest, completing it will reward you with the brick.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #14 – Big Bubble Bounty

This one is quite lengthy are requires four characters to unlock. The main objective is to unlock the Bubble room in the middle of the city. The room has four locks to start with.

You must get an Astromech Droid to unlock the first lock, using Jedi mind trick to remove the Gungan from the entrance of the second lock, then proceed to open with the Astromech Droid.

Next is climbing a ladder to the left and reaching the top to slide the bubble ahead using a scavenger, then dropping down in the hole to unlock the lock using the Astromech Droid.

You must use a force user for the last lock and open a switch in the bubble room to open the lock with the Astromech Droid. Doing this will successfully complete this mission.

Gungan City Kyber Brick #15– Gungans Gone Side Quest

This mission requires you to save three Gungan ambassadors. The first ambassador is found in Tatooine. To save him, you must pay a fine.

Head over to the Stalgasin Hive for the second ambassador and use Jango Fett to repair a switch. Lastly, visit Federal District, use a force user to move the trampoline close to the exit, and then use mind tricks to help the ambassador jump onto it to escape.

Head back to Boss Nass and get rewarded with a Kyber Brick for this mission.

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