Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Theed Kyber Brick Puzzles Solutions

This Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga guide will help you find and complete all the Kyber Brick Puzzle in Theed by showing the locations of all the Kyber Bricks and their solutions.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Theed Kyber Brick Puzzles Solutions

Kyber Brick is an important currency in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga, as it allows you to unlock new characters and level up skills in the game. There are different ways to earn Kyber bricks in the game, and one of them is simply finding them in the levels as you got through the game.

This guide will help you find all the 26 Kyber Bricks in Theed in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

Theed Kyber Brick # 1 – Leap of Faith

The first Kyber Brick is found in the northern section of Theed, near the Theed Royal Palace. The building where you find the Kyber brick is on the southwestern corner. Climb up from the building to the north of the building on which you want to go. You can then get close enough to the ledges to climb on the tower. Climb the tower, then go up the ladder. Here, you can find the Kyber brick in the corner.

Theed Kyber Brick # 2 – Statues in a State

This Kyber Brick is earned as a reward for a side mission. Outside the palace doors, you can speak to a guard who will ask for your help in finding all the parts to rebuild the statues. Once you find and repair all the statues, the guard will give you the Kyber brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 3 – Statue Spin

The puzzle is unlocked as soon as you fix All the statues. You need to rotate the statues into their correct positions. Rotate the statues in the following order until they are facing forward (towards the staircase): South Eastern < South Western < North Western.

Theed Kyber Brick # 4 – Pillar Push

The puzzle can be accessed inside the Theed Palace. You will find four pillars inside the palace and your target is to pull the levers on top of all of these levers by moving the four pillars, with incomplete handholds on them. And you have to do this within 20 seconds. Once you manage to do this, you will see the locked door on the other side of the hall open and you can then get your Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 5 – Piercing Pillars

Go to the northwestern corner of Theed and here, you will see a Kyber Brick inside a cage. Turn left from this cage and then look behind the columns of the building. Here, you can spot a lever. Pull the lever using any Jedi character to unlock the cage.

Theed Kyber Brick # 6 – Hidden Walkway

You need to have Astromech Droid for this. You can find a locked Lego door in the northern part of Theed. Follow the cable that is leading away from the door until you reach the Astromech Socket. Destroy the socket and solve the puzzle inside to open the door.

Enter the now open door and talk to the civilian here. After doing so, destroy the paintings of Amidala to reveal the hidden levers. Pull them and another secret door will open. Enter this door, and you will appear on an archway. Get to the far end of this walkway and look behind the Amidala Statue.

Theed Kyber Brick # 7 – Statue Sabotage

You need to have a villain character for this puzzle. You need to simply destroy the silver statues in the northern part of the Theed. Use your explosions to destroy the silver statues and you will get the Kyber Brick. The location of the statues will be marked on your Holoprojector map.

Theed Kyber Brick #8 – Swinging Steeple

The Kyber Brick is on top of a tall tower, found in the northern area of Theed. You can locate the tower on the southern edge of the parade-way that leads to Theed Palace. You need to make your way up by climbing the surrounding smaller buildings. Climb the building on the right of the tower then use the zipline to get to the tower and then climb it up.

Theed Kyber Brick # 9 – A Fine Balance

On the north edge of the parade-way leading to Theed Palace, you can see the brick on a plank stretching between the two roof tops. You need to climb this building from the right side by grappling up the buildings.

Theed Kyber Brick # 10 – Archway Triumph

You need to have a Scavenger Character. The Kyber Brick is on top of a giant archway found in the northern part of the Theed going across the main parade-way. You can get to the area by climbing an incomplete net on the southern side of the building. Complete the net by firing two nets on the lower spaces and climb up. Then cross the archway top get to the Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 11 – A Thief in Theed is a Thief Indeed

Head to the Palace Plaza and talk to the green skinned civilian here. The civilian is a thief, and he challenges you to catch him if you want his treasure, a Kyber Brick. Chase him through the city and keep on shooting him until he becomes dazed. Catch up to him and get the Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 12 – Rotunda Reward

You get this puzzle in the Rotunda building in the north western corner of Theed. Use the force to move and stack the Grey and orange boxes on top of each other and make a staircase for yourself to get to the Kyber brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 13 – AAT it Again

Along the western border of Theed, you can find a guard next to a tank. Talk to the guard, then break the boxes next to the tank to get the parts to repair the tank. As soon as you do, you will be attacked by enemies. Get in the tank and clear the waves of enemies to get the Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 14 – High Voltage Villa

He brick is in a cell in the northeastern corner of Theed. You need to power two sockets using power cells to open the cage. The first power cell is east of the building. Use the force to stack the boxes and then climb the vine to get to the power cell. The second power cell is on the building opposite the cage. This cell is hidden behind a pot. Use the cell to open the cage.

Theed Kyber Brick # 15 – Pressure Pad-a-palooza

The Kyber Brick is locked behind a puzzle in northern Theed. It is a statue of Amidala surrounded by six buttons. Use any Jedi character to access the force. The move the brown beige cylinders on the buttons and once you have pressed all the buttons, a nearby door will open and a Mynoc will fly out. Check inside that door for your brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 16 – Bounce up the Belfry

In the northern part of Theed, you can find a tower between the two bridges that cross the river. Approach the tower from the north and use the raised area to climb up the scaffoldings around the tower. Get to the top to get the Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 17 – Locked Out

You need the Protocol Droid for this puzzle, found in the northern section of Theed. Look for the building north of the eastern bridge. You can find a local on the northern side of the building complaining how he forgot the password to his lock. The password is found in Utaru District on Coruscant.

Theed Kyber Brick # 18 – Sneaky Switches

In the northern section of Theed, look for the building on the right side of the eastern bridge across the river. Climb the building by using the white ladder on the right side of the building. To lower the bars guarding the brick, you need to go to the northern edge of the building and drop to the ledge below to operate the lever and lower the bars to get the brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 19 – Brick Over Troubled Waters

The brick is over the river that divides the town of Theed. You need a Jedi character to move the blocks around the river to create platforms for you to jump across. Get to the broken statue then move the blocks to create another path for you to get to the Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 20 – Stack n Grapple

In the southern part of Theed, near the western bridge, look for the tower with orange handholds going up it. Use a hero jedi character to move the boxes and create steps to get to the handholds. On top of the tower, you can find the Kyber brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 21 – Downtown Dividend

This Kyber Brick is found in the northern part of Theed, under the western bridge. Stand on the rocks next to the bridge and use the grapples to get under the bridge. Once you get the Kyber Brick, you can go out by grappling onto the rocks again.

Theed Kyber Brick # 22 – Bug Brainbender

In the southern part, the brick is in a cage in a building. You need to set four sockets around the cage to unlock it. You can shoot the vines on top of the building to reveal which socket has to be activated on each server to unlock the cage. Set all the circuits to the correct socket and the cage will unlock giving you the Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 23 – Planter Pattern Problem

Near the same area, you can find a Kyber Brick locked in a contraption with a few need to place these pots on the wall next to the contraption. Place the pots at their places as designated by their symbols using the force, and you will get the Kyber brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 24 – Thwining in Theed

You can find this in the plaza guarded by two droids. Check the north eastern building here and you will see the brick on the rooftop. Climb the building through the construction material lying around the building. Climb the building using the construction material and make a sprinting jump to get to the brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 25 – Silver-topped Tower

The puzzle is to the southern area of Theed. Stand outside the entrance to Theed hanger and you will see a tall tower with some silver bars on it. You need to climb the tower and then use a bomb to destroy the bars.

Theed Kyber Brick # 26 – Zip to the Brick

The brick is in the southern area of Theed, and you need to have a scavenger character. Get to the building north east of the entrance to the Theed hanger. Defeat the Droids guarding this building and then climb up to the top. Once up top, go to the Northern corner of the building and equip the Glider. Use it to Glide over to the handholds of the nearby building so you can then climb up to the top of it.

Once you’re on top of the second building, go to the North side of it to find a zipline. Use it to get to the roof top of a third building. From here you can jump onto a second zipline with the Kyber Brick underneath.

Kyber Brick # 27 – Welcome to Theed

The brick is found in the southern most part of Theed. You can spot a red terminal near below an archway. Use a villain character to access the terminal and open the door next to it. Go inside the door and use the stairs to climb up to the archway. On the archway, jump down from the right corner at the end of the archway, and this will allow you to easily jump off on the platform where the Kyber Brick is.

Kyber Brick # 28 – Net Boo

The brick is infront of the Theed Hanger, also found in the southern most part of the Theed. You need a character that is both a jedi and a scavenger. You can locate the brick easily as there are large net X on the wall.

First, destroy the Amidala statue behind the nets, then bring three red boxes from the hanger to build a staircase for yourself. Then use the net launcher from your scavenger to set up the nets that you can then climb to get the brick.

Kyber Brick # 29 – Hanging in the Hanger

This brick is found in the southern most point of Theed. Look inside the hanger and check out near the south western wall of the hanger. The brick can be easily collected by simply switching to a hero character and then using the handholdings to get to the brick.

Kyber Brick # 30 – Ancient Idols

The Kyber Brick is locked behind a quest itself. For this, go to the library just south of the bridges in Theed. Here, speak to the NPC in purple and she will ask you if you can get her three idols from different planets. Follow the journey and go across all the planets to get the idols, then return them to the NPC to get the brick.

Kyber Brick # 31 – Sacred Textbooks

The last brick is also found after completing a quest provided by the same NPC in the same area. You are to collect three different textbooks for her that contain sacred knowledge. Simply get these books and give them to the NPC for your brick.

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