Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Takodana Kyber Brick Locations

In this Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga guide, we will be going through all of the Takodana Kyber Brick puzzle solutions.

Kyber Bricks are not just collectibles in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga; they are currency. You can use these bricks for upgrades and much more. In this Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga guide, we will be going through all of the Takodana Kyber Brick puzzle solutions.

There are 27 Kyber bricks physically available for you to collect on the Takodana planet of Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. The first two are relatively easy to collect as they are present in the island area at the beginning where your starship first lands. There are two additional bricks that you can get only through quests.

Below we have covered all of the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Takodana Kyber Brick Puzzle Solutions.

Takodana Kyber Brick #1 & 2 – Welcome to Takodana, Energising Island

You’ll find an electric battery, and nearby there will be an electric socket for it. Now to find the next battery, head across the wall close to the castle and run around to find a tree, and just beyond it, separated by a small pool of water, you’ll find the second battery.

Pick it up and plug it into the socket, which you’ll find if you keep moving left along the castle’s walls. Now you’ll find another one of these batteries on your left across the water near a wooden box. Take it to the socket nearby and plug it in.

Next, you’ll find red blocking boxes; shooting these will give you a Kyber brick. Now head back on the island to get the second Kyber Brick. Next, hop on the logs sticking out of the water.

You’ll also be able to acquire a data card in this area. You’ll find it on top of a log in front of you, press the button, and a golden object will appear with a flash on the water. The data card will pop up from the water.

Takodana Kyber Brick #3 – Woodland Wire

Head inside the tunnel-like path and follow it to go up to the top of the cliff. It’ll lead you to a dangling rope which helps you slide down and find the third Kyber brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #4 – Convor Convoy

Return to the top of the cliff where we were before, but go right instead of left this time. Swing with the handles sticking out of the trees to acquire the fifth Kyber brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #5 – First Ordnance Survey

Just across the corner from the last location, facing towards the castle, it is up on top of the cliff. You’ll find a bonfire in this area as well. The way to get up on the ridge is by stacking up the boxes near the bonfire. Then, use E to lift and release the boxes.

Takodana Kyber Brick #6 – Flying the Flags

This Brick is pretty easy to find right in front of the castle. The way to solve this puzzle is by mirroring the colorful pattern towards the right by using E to interact with the buttons. Hit the second button from your right to bring down the green flag.

Next, hit the third button from your right to bring down the blue flag. Then, hit the fourth button to bring down the yellow flag. For the next, you must hit the first button and bring down the red flag. Last, hit the third button from your right to bring down the blue flag. This will give you the locked brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #7 – Tallest Tower

Now get up on top of the castle by using E to grapple from one of the side walls. You’ll find points at the front towards the right of the castle entrance to grapple and get up there. Use your Jedi and go to the very top using the flagpoles. Now down to the other side of the castle, go to the highest peak of the castle and use the grapple points to get on top but switch on your Jedi. Swing up using the flagpoles and get to the very top.

Takodana Kyber Brick #8 – Shag Kava Cache

From the main entrance of the castle, head to the rooftop. From there, head to the high tower by swinging through flags. Once at the top, switch to Astromech Droid and get the 8th brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #9 – Swoop Around the Statue

This Brick is in the middle of the courtyard. You’ll have to use your glider to glide towards it and deactivate it to fall onto this Brick dangling in the middle of nowhere. Then, get on top of a platform for a proper angle from where you can drop down onto it.

Takodana Kyber Brick #10 – Shattered Spire

Now you must get back on top of the castle; use your scavenger for the net for this one. You’ll also need your bounty hunter as there is a gold box on top. Get up using the jump points and open the gold box using Greedo to collect the 10th Brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #11 – Rooftop Drop

Number 11 is down at the far end where the gliding point was, but this Brick is hanging with the wall, so you will do a jump from the middle of the castle wall carefully to fall right on top of the 11th Brick.

Takodana Kyber brick #12 – Taybin’s Treasure

Now, go through the door that opens up for you at the far opposite end. With just a button push, you’ll be able to open up a target. With the help of another player, you’ll push on the button and open up the target. You’ll need a shooting character on the other side in front of the target to hit it. Finally, the checks will open up, and you’ll be able to acquire the 12th Brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #13 – TIE Treasures

Drop off from the back of the castle to land on one of the red boxes, and you’ll get everything necessary for the Brick. Move forward, and there will be a black and red box you need to acquire. Use your Jedi powers to move this box and get the double jumps over to the ramp in front of you.

Once you’re on this ramp, you’ll see a grapple point, switch to your bounty hunter, and press E to pull it down. Jump up to this point and blast the back wall to acquire the Kyber brick inside this wall.

Takodana Kyber Brick #14 – Debris Digging

Now for number 14, there’s another black and red box on the opposite side; turn right and go to the other side and hit the wall to blast through some junk; here, you’ll find the 14th Kyber brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #15 – Rathtar Smokehouse

Inside Maz’s Castle, there is a burning kettle; you’ll have to pump the fire twice. The Kyber brick is inside this kettle, and you’ll have to use the lever to tip the kettle out. Use the grappling clasp to pull the top off the kettle, and the Kyber brick will pop up.

Takodana Kyber Brick #16 – Basement Bounty

Next, head down to the prison, where there is a prisoner; you’ll have to mind trick this prisoner. Pull the first box on your right to the opposite side of the room, and then you’ll jump on top of it and jump through the big opening on top. Now use the lever in front of you to open the door to the other side. It’ll allow you to get into that room and jump back to that room again.

Now use your Astromech Droid to unlock the door behind the portrait of Maz. Now go inside this door to collect the 16th Brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #17 – Maz’s Melodies

For this Brick, you’ll build a jukebox and power it. First, you’ll build the first one and then use your droid for the second one. For this, smash everything up for all the functional spare parts and then use them to build a power station for the jukebox.

Then turn around, and the “Build” sign should appear on the jukebox. Now use your Astromech Droid to hack the system and power it up. You’ll be able to acquire the 17th Brick just like that.

Takodana Kyber Brick #18 – On a Wing and a Prayer

Now head back outside for the remaining Kyber Bricks. For the 18th one, head towards the waterway, which you’ll find towards the left of Maz’s castle.

Takodana Kyber Brick #19 – Smashing the Supplies

Now go up to the wall nearest to you, and you’ll find the fifth black and red box. This will give you the 19th Brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #20 – Rocky Reward

Near the same wall, you’ll find a chest on the waterway. Pick it up and place it on the three orange buttons in the corner. Now take your player up on the cliff where another set of these buttons is located, interact with them, and the cave containing the 20th Brick shall open up

Takodana Kyber Brick #21 – Pirate Queen’s Plunder

This Brick is present right in the middle of the courtyard. Use your stormtrooper and throw a grenade at it to open up the cover containing this Brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #22 – Scenic Stream

Head to the waterfall, follow the very first trail towards the back end to get to this waterfall. This is where you will find the 22nd Brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #23 – Backwoods Blasting

For the 23rd Brick, you’ll have a shooting challenge. There are three to four targets that you have to hit. One is on the very far wall opposite the Kyber Brick, another one towards the west covered by a rock, and another towards the east. Blast this area clear, and there you’ll have it, the 23rd Brick ready to be acquired.

Takodana Kyber Brick #24 – Crusty Column

Climb up to the very top of the tall column which you can climb using your bounty hunter. Use the jump move and then grapple to get to the top of the column.

Takodana Kyber Brick #25 – Drenched Delight

Right at the top of the waterfall, you’ll find a hold point which is a big switch, so jump on it and hold it to pull it down using your weight. The Brick will pop out of the box.

Takodana Kyber Brick #26 – Jungle Jumping

On the path on your way back to Maz’s castle, sitting on top of a tall column, is the 26th Kyber Brick of the Takodana planet in Lego Skywalker Saga.

Takodana Kyber Brick #27 – Water Stones & Stepping Stones

The final Kyber Brick is acquired by completing Maz’s puzzle. For this, you need to follow a sequence of patterns you will jump on; the first one you are going to jump on is fire, water, and then plant. Keep following this pattern to get to the other side and acquire the final Brick.

Takodana Kyber Brick #28 – Eel Feel That in The Morning

Inside the castle’s fire pit area, head to the basement and talk to Grummgar and accept his mission. For the mission, you need to collect information about big creatures in the castle, which you can get by Bounty Hunters. Once you’ve head to the last bounty hunter and he tells you about lava eel, switch to a battle droid and fly to Mustafar Space.

Talk to Mustafarian and gather information for Grummgar. Help him take down the lava eel and get the Kyber Brick as a reward from him.

Takodana Kyber Brick #29 – Kanjiklub Recruitment

Accept Kanjiklub’s recruitment challenge, head outside the main entrance and you will find a Brawler arguing, rescue him and send him to Kanjiklub.

Fly to Uscru District, rescue a female Brawler from two looters and send her to Kanjiklub.

Next you need to fly to Mos Eisley and rescue a Bossy Brawler from a fight.

Return to Takodana and collect the last Kyber Brick as a reward.

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