How to Quickly Farm Studs in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Studs are the main currency in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. You can easily earn these studs while playing the game and destroying everything that comes your way. This guide will tell how to quickly farm studs in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

How To Get Studs In Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga has categorized the Studs into four types according to their rarity. These four types are White, Yellow, Blue, and Purple.

There is another rank named “True Jedi” that you will reach if you farm a huge number of Studs in a mission.

Below are the basic activities to get studs in the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga:

Damaging Enemies

You will earn Studs when you hit an enemy. The number of Studs you earn will double with the help of Multiplier. You can activate the Multiplier by doing successful combos and hits on the enemy.

Destructible Environment and Objects

Certain items in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga will earn Studs when you destroy them. The items are Obstacles, Control panels, Crates, Posts, and every item that you can destroy.

Stud Rings

In Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga, you can earn Studs while passing through Studs Rings. You can usually find Studs Ring in the air while doing the flying mission in the Starship.

Lightsaber Clashes

Many characters like Jedi in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga use the Lightsaber as a weapon in the fight. You can earn Studs while clashing the Lightsaber into the enemy during the fight

The Fastest Way To Farm Studs In Lego Star Wars

There are different ways to farm studs quickly in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. Below we will tell you about each of them separately.

Repeatedly Completing Short and High Stud Yielding Missions

The first method of farming studs quickly identifies the short mission that can yield you a lot of studs. After that, you can continue to complete these missions repeatedly to earn more and more Studs.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to identify them as we have done that for you. The two missions that can yield many Studs are “Now This is Podracing” in Episode 1 and “Stay on Target” in Episode 4.

You can load this mission in Free Play and then destroy everything that comes in your way to earn Studs quickly. Before completing the mission, stop it and then repeat this process by restarting the mission.

You can play these missions if you want.

Episode 9 is a mission called ‘A Skip and a Jump.’ You can use the max Multiplier and destroy as many pipes as possible to earn a lot of Studs.

Unlock Upgrades and Stud Multipliers

Several upgrades and methods help you in farming the Studs in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Core Upgrade: Attract Studs

You can also upgrade your skills like Attract Studs. With the help of this upgrade, you can collect studs from far away. Previously, you had to run to them to collect them.

Attract Struds will increase the number of Studs you can find. You will need a couple of items to acquire the Attract Struds. These items are Fast Build, Counter Cash, Extra Health, and First level of Speedy Sprint. Later, you can upgrade the Attract Struds with the help of Kyber Bricks.

Bounty Hunter Upgrades: Hidden Bounty

You can max out the Hidden Bounties skill from the Bounty Hunter skill tree, which will net you 750 Studs for every enemy you kill. Later, you can upgrade the Hidden Bounty

with the help of Kyber Bricks.

Unlocking Stud Multipliers

The best method of earning a lot of Studs is unlocking the Stud multipliers. For unlocking the multipliers, you will need the Data Cards and Studs.

Continue to farm the Studs for a couple of hours; after that, you can buy the Stud multipliers. You can go to the Extras tab and buy the x2, x4, and x5 Stud multipliers, increasing the number of Studs you farm.

You have to give some time to it first, but after that, you can earn a lot of Studs without much effort.

If you continue to farm Studs this way, you will be able to unlock the x10 Stud multiplier, and with that, you can earn millions of studs just by completing the two missions we mentioned above.

Best Stud Farming Locations and Missions

Coruscant (Federal District)

The Federal District in the Coruscant is one of the first locations you will have to farm Studs in Lego Star Wars. To farm studs in this location, you must have one of the two characters: Walker or Rancor. You can get Walker in Episode 2 and Rancor in Episode 6.

When you have acquired either Walker or Rancor, mount up and storm through every destructible object in the Federal District. The advantage of choosing Rancor is that it destroys everything that comes in his way by running into it.

You can also choose Walker as he is faster at running, and you can cover more ground by choosing him. There is no limit to farming studs, as when you return to the same location, the object will reappear, and you can repeat the cycle until you are satisfied with the number of studs you have.

Hoth (Echo Base)

Echo Base is the location that you cannot access in Free play. To Access the Echo Base, you must do the Echo Base Escape Mission. When you start the mission, you will first fight with Luke. Then you will come across the two broken doorways. One on each end of the tunnel.

You will get infinite Studs when you shoot the broken doorways. You can constantly program your controller to shoot to get maximum benefit with minimal effort from this Stud Farming opportunity.

Tatooine (Mos Eisley)

To farm Studs in this location, you must unlock one of the areas in Tatooine named Mos Eisley. You can automatically unlock the location when you finish Episode IV: A New Hope. Head towards the Plaza outside the Cantina.

There you will see the NPC Stormtroopers. Talk to them, and they will give you a sidequest, “Ma Klounkee Most Foul.” You don’t need to do the objectives of the sidequest. But instead, you can kill the Stormtrooper to earn Studs.

They will automatically reappear, and you can repeat the process to earn as many studs as you like. If you enter the Cantina, this will finish the sidequest, and the stormtroopers will not appear again.

Stud Farming Glitch

There is also a glitch in the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga that can help you farm a lot of Studs quickly.

To take full advantage of this, make sure you have upgraded the Attract Studs core ability and have the Studs multiplier. This will help maximize the output of Stud Farm we will be using to farm Studs quickly.

To find this Stud Farm, you have to start the “Echo Base Escape.” In this, get to the location shown on the map above, and you will find two doors.

You have to hit these doors any way you want to farm Studs as long as you hit the door. You can even hit them with weapons.

If you are playing with another player, you both can hit these doors for doubling the about of Studs you farm every minute.

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