Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Jundland Wastes Kyber Brick Puzzle Solutions

To help you complete the Kyber Brick Puzzles in Jundland Wastes, we’ve prepared this guide for Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

To help you complete the Kyber Brick Puzzles in Jundland Wastes, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll show you the solution to all 31 Jundland Kyber Brick Puzzles in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Jundland Wastes Kyber Brick Puzzle Solutions

Kyber Bricks are a particularly significant kind of currency in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga since they are used to unlock specific characters, enhance the skills associated with the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga classes, and fully complete the game.

Kyber Bricks can be acquired in a variety of ways, including performing side quests, exploring, and so on. Completing the Kyber Brick Puzzles, which can be found in each level of the game, is one of these approaches.

This map is extremely difficult as it has three different tiers or levels: an upper, a middle and a lower tier. If you don’t know how to explore your map, open your map; page up and page down will take you through the three different layers of this map.

In this guide, we’ll go through how to solve all 31 Kyber Brick Puzzles in the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Jundland Wastes area.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #1 – Transport Ship Treasure

First Kyber Brick is in the northwest area from the place you land. you’re just going to use a gripping tool on the ship. You will see a Pull option while facing the ship.

You’re going to pull this right off and a little box will pop out. Take out the Tuscan Raiders. The box will be an Imperial Box. So, you must swap to an Imperial Character to blast it open. Clear away the enemies first and then collect all your little goodies. Swap to an imperial player, shoot at the box and you are good to go.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #2 – Light the Way

Second Kyber Brick is up behind the main encampment from where you land. It’s up on the cliff inside the cave. There’s a button on top of the cliff, right above the box. Jump up the levels and you’ll hit the red button. The button will turn green, and you will get your second Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #3 – Welcome to the Jundland Wastes

The next box is right outside this cave.  You’re going to turn to the right and there’s going to be some orange-colored grappling points. You got to bring out either a bounty hunter or a droid for this one.

You’re going to grapple all the way up to the face of the cliff and it’s going to be right at the very top. It’s a pretty good climb all the way to the top. You can already start to hear the band playing on your way up. Once you get up, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s in the cave. Don’t forget to pound the stereo for all the coins.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #4 – Precious Precipice

The next Kyber Brick is right to the left after you come out of that cave. You must drop down and eliminate the Tuscan Raiders on your left, right along the cliff. At the very end, you will find the Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #5 – Stony Sightseeing

After the previous brick, drop down and go around the bend to the other side of this cliff face on the other side. You will find handling points or jumping points there. Get to the top using these jumping points to get the Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #6 – Cliff Climber

From the previous brick, jump back across the monkey bars and then you’re going to want to stay on this level and go all the way down the other side because there’s one right at the very end. You can hear the band playing on the other side of the cliff, on the same level but on the other side of the mountain.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #7 – Krayt Cavity

Now, come down from this cliff and head back around to the lower left side to find a serpent like thing. Break off its ribs and build like a wedge. Pull to open the serpent’s mouth. Open the jaw and get the cover brick out of there.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #8 – Balcony Bounce

For this Kyber Brick, you have to jump to the top of Jabba’s Palace. This will take a lot of your time. Jump across the platforms to reach the top of the palace. You will have to jump onto two baskets that will take you up. The Kyber Brick will be right in front of you once you take the second basket.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #9 – Scaling the Spire

This Kyber Brick is also going to be on top of a building near Jabba. It will be on top of a smaller tower building. For this brick, you’re going to need your Scavenger.

Your scavenger can only have three nets on the wall at one time so you kind of have to leapfrog. So, as you place one on top, the bottom net disappears. Get to the top to get the Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #10 – Rocky Reception

For this Kyber Brick, we’re going to be doing like a speed button run. You will find four red buttons on the cliff, south of the Jabba’s Palace.

You must push these buttons or pressure pads within 30 seconds to get the Kyber Brick. They’re all in line. You just basically have to run fast and do some good double jumps and you’ll have no problem with it at all.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #11 – Imperial Cache

This is just to the southwest of Jabba’s Palace. You must press the three Pressure Pads to get this Kyber Brick, but you have to get the door open first. Doors are covered by junk in the corners.

You have to use your droid and destroy the bricks off the buttons and then use the other half of the droid, come over to the other side and smash up the bricks there. Once you get the door open, then you have to get three people on top of the three pressure pads.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #12 – Cave Cache

This Kyber Brick is pretty easy to get, it is located in the southern part, on the middle level of the map, inside a cave. It’s basically just a simple trooper. Blow them up with a grenade.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #13 – Tusken Tussle

This Kyber Brick is right above the Tuscan Camp, kind of central on the map. It will be all the way to the end of the ledge.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #14 – Tatooine Time Trial

This one is in the very southern wall of the map. It’s on the lower part of the map. It is actually quite difficult. There are boxes in between the two rocks which you have to break apart and then build a ladder with them.

Once you get this ladder built, chase the flame which is lit and pull the levers on wherever the flame is. It is a timed run so make sure you complete this within the allotted time.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #15 – Gully Glide

This one’s actually pretty easy. It is in the upper map. Pegs take you up the wall and from there, you have to use your Scavenger Glider to get across to the other ledge.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #16 – Cliff Climbing

This Kyber Brick is on the same level as the previous one and is very central, right along the wall. It’s actually just hidden behind where you came from. Use the grappling points to get up to this one.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #17 – Cosy Campfires

This one is a little of a jailed cell. It’s in the southwestern part of the map. It’s on the middle portion. You have to shoot in order to open that door, which is right up above it, on the opposite wall. You’re going to shoot, and that jail cell door will open and you’ll be able to get your Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #18 – Remember Owning a Droid?

This is actually in Obiwan’s house, which is in southern part of the map, middle level. You just need to use your rebel hero to open up the door behind. It’s in a secondary zone because it’s in the house. You go into an actual glowing door. You don’t see the Kyber brick on the map so you have to go in the house to actually see the Kyber brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #19 – Seeya Later Excavator

The next one is in a cave that’s blocked off. This is in the north of where we came from and in the middle level. There will be four big balls blocking the door.

Pull your Lightsaber and blast them apart. After that, do the slicing door routine and cut a hole in the door to get the Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #20 – High-up Hidey Hole

This Kyber brick is really close to the previous one, right behind that little hut. You will see a wall nearby which you have to climb with the Lightsaber. Lightsaber your way up, slice open the door and then you’re going to climb up the wall really quick. Then on the wall to the left there, you’re going to see a monkey bar. You have to use the force that’s buried below.

Use the force and you have to put it on the wall so you can jump along the wall to the left. This is on the upper portion. You have to do some more of the using the force to put the peg on the wall. Jump across and then across the plank, eliminate the enemies and get the Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #21 – Sandy Soccer

This Kyber Brick is in the north-western part of the map, Lars Homestead to be exact. To get this Kyber Brick, use the force and pick up the glowing ball in the middle and make a score on the net with it.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #22 – Womp, There it Is

This Kyber Brick is the Womp rats. It is a pretty long low tier fight. You have to fight three mobs of Womp Rats to get the Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #23 – Top of the Shop

This one is located in the roof of Luke’s workshop. It’s just a matter of building yourself a nice big ladder or platform to be able to reach it. There are two located in his workshop and the rest of them are all located outside his workshop. Drag them in and stack them up to be able to jump up and get that brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #24 – Luke’s Workshop

Get back to the Luke workshop. Drop the blue colored thing on the left side of the door which is going to power up the door to let the one droid out, that needs the droid bath. He’s going to go over in front of the droid.

You have to use your Astromech to unleash the droid. Now, both those guys are going to stand in front of that droid bath and complain that they need a bath and then you’re just going to destroy a pile of junk that’s sitting in the workshop.

When you’re done, destroy the pile of junk, it’s going to give you something you can assemble to make a ramp. The other droid will give you a Kyber Brick after that.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #25 – High over the Homestead

This Kyber Brick is on the southern wall, which is right around the general area, but you got to grapple your way to the top. Use a bounty hunter because you have to get up to the second level and there are high jumps to do that which your Astromech can’t do.

If you turn to the left here, you can see where your aircraft lands. It’s right inside of where you brought in your fighter.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #26 – Cliff Jumper

This brick is straight across from where you were at. All you have to do is throw on your Scavenger with your glider. You’re just going to glide across the other ledge and once you get down, you’re going to see it up on the front-facing wall.

You just have to run down the ramp and run up the other side to get the cover break once again. This is in plain view of all the main area just along that southern wall. Glide across the ledges to get the Kyber Brick.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #27 – Jawa Japes

For this Kyber Brick, you got to use your Jedi in order to mind trick the mammoth to get out of the way this is in a little Tuscan, looks like a little religious camp. It’s a little crevice along the southern wall and it also has a mining key in there.

Once you get the panther out of the way, you want to pull out your droid, divide them in half and go in. You can get the copper brick Kyber Brick right away.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #28 – Mombay m’bwa

This Kyber Brick is also very close to the main camp. Use a mind trick on one of the little jaw wires in there. All you got to do is get him to jump on top of the junk and then jump onto the lever.

Use the weight and pull it down to open the door and then you’ll be able to. Use your Imperial guy to open the box.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #29 – Tusken Treasure

This Kyber Brick can be found in Tuscan Raider Camp. This one you can’t see on your map. It is a sub map because you go through a gold door.

Once you get inside the gold door, there will be a Kyber Brick on the inside. Kill a couple of the Tuscan Raiders and then you just got the gold box which you got to open with a Bounty Hunter.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #30 – Pillar Palaver

This Kyber Brick is right beside the Tuscan Raider Camp inside a little cave. You have to go inside and solve the puzzle. Talk to the droid to get a pretty darn good hint on how to do this puzzle. Essentially, you’re trying to light the triangles and make a circle around. Burst the door open to bring out the droid.

You want to turn this thing in a direction so that and you go back and forth but every time you go across a triangle, it lights up a triangle. If the triangles are all full in that row and if you go past, it again, it’s going to take a triangle light away.

If there is only one arrow in the row, you can only pass by it one time, or else the puzzle will reset. So, you got to find a pattern in order which you only hit the triangles once or twice or three times.

Kyber Brick Puzzle #31 – Vaporator Invigorator

This Kyber Brick can be found in Lars Homestead, in the Southeast part of the map. You will see fire and behind that fire will be a Kyber Brick. To put out that fire, you have to pick up the three machines and place them in their designated places. Get the Kyber Brick once the fire is put out.

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