Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Jango Fett Boss Guide

We've prepared this guide where we talk about the Jango Fett Boss in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga and discuss how to defeat him.

This Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Guide will cover the Jango Fett Boss. This game provides you with plenty of occasions to fight iconic bad guys. One such encounter will be against Jango Fett.

How to Defeat Jango Fett in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Jango Fett is one of the game’s main characters that you will fight against on three different occasions. Since all of the Star Wars movies inspire the game, Jango Fett will fight you three times in the battle of life and death.

Jango Fett is a bounty hunter of the Grand Army of the Republic. He wields a Flamethrower, Pistols, and a Jetpack to fly around the area. He excels in shooting his enemies and is known for hunting bounties for ages.

Below, we have provided the locations of each fight and how to defeat him on all the occasions:

Jango Fett Boss Fight in The Droid Factory Frenzy Mission

The first fight will occur during the Droid Factory Frenzy mission in the second chapter. You will face Jango Fett and his son Boba Fett, which will be on a starship.

Your main focus will be Jango Fett, while you also dodge attacks from his son. His son will be a nuisance to the fight and shoot at you every 10 to 20 seconds.

Before the attacks, a red light will be shown on the ground, indicating that the attack is about to happen. Move away from the red line to be safe.

Jango Fett is not much hard to deal with. He will make use of his pistols which are his main weapon. The pistols will damage you greatly, but you can reflect the bullets easily. He will also use a Flamethrower to burn you down. The Flamethrower will also deal huge damage, making him move slowly.

You can easily target him during the attack and land a juicy combo on him. These are the only attacks that he performs during the boss fight. You will be able to defeat him easily. After he is defeated, a cutscene will play where he will flee from the fight.

Jango Fett Boss Fight In Space

The second boss fight will continue the previous fight, which will take place in space where you will go after him to hunt him down. He will be running from you after the previous fight. This fight will take place in space while on your spaceship.

You will have to first find his spaceship and follow him through space. There will be asteroids in your way, and Jango will be shooting Homing Missiles at you. You can dodge the missiles by quickly moving to the side.

He will also throw EMP grenades to stop your spaceship. Get away from the circle that appears before the grenade blasts to avoid getting hit by it. Keep shooting him from behind to deplete the shield and health of the spaceship.

There will be two rounds to this fight. Once you have defeated him the first time, you will have to go again at him. Like the previous one, keep dodging his attacks and shoot him from behind.

Try not to crash your spaceship, as it will fail the mission. Once he has been defeated, a cutscene will play where he will flee away again.

Jango Fett Boss Fight in the Petranaki Panic Mission

The third and final boss fight will be during the Petranaki Panic mission, where you will be playing Mace Windu. Compared to the previous fights, this fight will be much easier as you will have to just focus on Jango.

His son will not take part in this fight as the arena will be filled with their army. Also, Jango will only use his Pistols and Jetpack during this fight. There will be no Flamethrower, so you won’t have to watch out for the flames.

The only annoying part of this fight is that Jango will keep running away from you by flying through the arena. You will have to follow him around and damage him.

You can see where Jango is on the field by looking for a yellow exclamation mark on the screen. Once you have a hold of him, keep attacking him till his health is depleted fully.

Once he is defeated, a cutscene will play where he will get crushed by Yoda’s ship, which will be Jango Fett’s end.