Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Hoth and Cold Minikits Locations Guide

Lego games include fun challenges and collectibles within a mission that keeps things interesting and keeps the player engaged. In this guide, we will be discussing everything about the Minikits locations in the Hoth and Cold mission of Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Hoth and Cold Minikit Locations

While you are playing the Hoth and Cold level in Episode V – The Empire Strikes back, you can also do a little exploring while completing the mission’s main objective, which is to activate the signal towers and find Luke Skywalker.

During your expedition, you will come across several mini-tasks, each rewarding you with a Minikit. There are 5 Minikits throughout this mission that you can collect. The details of how to obtain each Minikits are as follows.

Hoth and Cold Minikit Location #1

As soon as the mission starts, you will see a droid flying around carrying the Minikit. Shoot the droid, and it will drop the Minikit, which you just have to go and collect.

Hoth and Cold Minikit Location #2

Go southwest, where you will find four radar dishes, with each one facing a different direction. You will also find a cargo box containing the second Minikit hidden among the rocks.

To open that box, you need to align all of the radar dishes so that each guided line points at the center of the other two radar dishes. One of the dishes will point at the box in the rocks.

Now go to the first dish and activate it, which will fire a projectile bouncing off all the dishes and finally hitting the box. It will break open the box, and you can collect your second Minikit there.

Hoth and Cold Minikit Location #3

You can obtain the third Minikit by destroying the snowmen at the following 5 locations.

On your way to the mountain, which has the laser turret at the top

Go to the southern edge of the map, and you will find the second one near the signal tower

You can find the third one outside the door of the old outpost

The fourth snowman will be next to the signal tower towards the south of the old outpost

The fifth and final snowman will be next to the signal tower on the Northern Island.

Hoth and Cold Minikit Location #4

The fourth Minikit will be inside a locked case, and to unlock the case, you will need a battery that will also be required to power up the signal tower. This locked case is near the signal tower inside the old outpost.

Hoth and Cold Minikit Location #5

The fifth and the final Minikit needs to be built from the parts found inside frozen debris towards the north of the map. At some distance from the frozen debris, there is a mounted T-47 Airspeeder which you will use to shoot the debris. After that, collect all the parts and build the fifth and final Minikit.

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