Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Ajan Kloss Side Missions Guide

Ajan Kloss in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is basically a Resistance Base where you will take on multiple...

Ajan Kloss in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is basically a Resistance Base where you will take on multiple side missions. This is the place where Leia did her Jedi training and you will be assisting resistance members on the base. You will be doing some crazy stuff in Ajan Kloss like assisting rebels in preparing breakfasts, capturing lightning in a bottle, shaping slacking droids and setting out fires.

How To Complete All Ajan Kloss Side Missions In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Ajan Kloss has 2 explorable levels, both with NPCs that grant you these side missions. The side mission NPCs are really straightforward to find. This means you do not have to waste a huge amount in locating the NPCs.

Half of the missions on Ajan Kloss in Skywalker Saga will be given by NPCs inside the hangar while the other half will be given to you on the second level of the area.

We have provided the details of how to complete each mission on Ajan Kloss below:

Hoth and Bothered

You are going to come across a Coward Courier whilst wandering in Ajan Kloss. The main mission is that you have to smuggle the vital supplies. The Coward Courier actually wants you to do that. He wants you to smuggle them to Echo Base on Hoth.

Now you have to head towards Hoth but on your way, you will confront 3 waves of Imperial Troops. Get rid of them. Once you are in Hoth, find a rebel pilot having a star above his head and give the supplies to him. That’s all you have to do.

  • Unlock Requirements: go to Hoth – Echo Base
  • Rewards: Snowtrooper

Jedi Text Message

By talking to the Beaumont Kin, you will learn about the Jedi message. You will also learn that the message was about a guide to “goodies”. When you accept the mission, you will have to decipher a sort of riddle that goes “Through shapes in space, in order you fly, counting the sides, from lowest to high.

If you pay attention to the riddle itself, it is really easy to crack. What you have to do is fly to the Ajan Kloss space. Travel through the objects having the least edges to most edges like first go through circle, then triangle, then square and then star. A Kyber brick will be revealed onto which you have to fly and return to Beaumont. That’s all you have to do.

  • Unlock Requirements: go to Ajan Kloss, Resistance Camp. Finish “second Breakfast” in Ajan Kloss, Resistance Camp.
  • Rewards: Beaumont Kin

Snake Oil Salesdroid

The main task in this mission is to acquire the Vexis Snake Oil. You have to find “Aydee” as well. These tasks are given by Dellso Prin. You need to head directly to Forbidden Valley which is in Pasaana.

Now keep following the quest marker and it will lead you to the nearby festival. You are informed about the snake location by the AD-4M but keep in mind that it is dangerous. Like you have to go right next to a snake for the snake oil. Instead of doing that, straight go to Pasaana Plains.

There will be 3 quest markers each of them leading you to a pirate. Take all of them down, rob them, take the key, unlock the cage and get the venom. Now head back to Ajan Kloss to complete the mission.

  • Unlock Requirements: finish “Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker”, go to Ajan Kloss- Resistance Camp, go to Ajan Kloss- Forbidden Valley.
  • Rewards: AD-4M, Dellso Prin

Lightning in a Bottle

The Klaud tells you that he has an idea to power the Rebel fleet. He will be standing beside the spaceship in the hangar. His idea is to catch the lightning in a bottle. For this purpose, go to Exegol where you encountered Emperor Palpatine. Follow to quest marker as you reach the Sith Citadel. This marker will take you to Klaud.

Now you just have to place the lightning-catching device exactly where the lightning strikes or just simply push it there. Once you have the lightning captured, get them back to the base. Interact with Klaud to complete the mission. You will have to deal with enemies as well on the way.

  • Unlock Requirements: go to Ajan Kloss- Resistance Camp, go to Exegol- Sith Citadel
  • Rewards: Klaud

Putting Out Fires

When you talk to the LC-24, you will learn that he needs your help in driving him to the nearest fires. Get on his back and travel towards the quest markers.

Each of the quest markers will lead you to a fire droid refueling station. Keep taking the LC-24 to these locations and he will put the fire out. You have to this 3 times. Once finished with the 3rd one, talk to the LC-24 and the mission is completed.

  • Unlock Requirements: go to Ajan Kloss- Resistance Camp, finish “Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker”.
  • Character Requirements:
  • Rewards: LC-24

No way, Toojay

When you talk to the R5-2JE, you will learn that it needs your help in finding the slacking droids. There 5 slacking droids in total. Navigate to the quest markers again.

The southern area droid is not going to return to work unless he catches a big fish. Fortunately, a big fish would be lying in a box across the stream. Put the fish on their line.

Upon talking to them, they will return to their duty enthusiastically. So similarly, each droid will have its own conditions before they come back to work. You have to complete their tasks. When all of the droids come, talk to the R5-2JE to finish the mission.

  • Unlock Requirements: finish “Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker”, go to Ajan Kloss- Resistance Camp, finish the “Putting out Fires” in Ajan Kloss.
  • Rewards: R5-2JE
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