How To Unlock All Characters In Lego Batman 3

Lego Batman 3 Characters Unlock guide with Character Tokens Locations and requirements to unlock characters, be it story missions, free play and hubs.

LEGO’s take on the DC Universe has resulted in a very long list of playable characters in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. There are two different kinds of characters in the game: the ones that will get unlocked simply through story progression and then there are the ones that are unlocked by completing certain quests.

This guide contains a list of characters along with details on  how to unlock them in different stages of the game. 

How to Unlock LEGO Batman 3 Story Characters

There are two different kinds of characters in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham; firstly there are the ones that will get unlocked simply through story progression and secondly there is a long list of characters that you have to unlock by completing certain quests.

Below we have listed all the characters unlocked via story progression.

CharacterMissionCostHow to Unlock
BatmanPursuer in the SewersFreeComplete the first level
AlfredBreaking BATS!FreeBeginning of Hub Visit 1 in level 2 Objective: Activate the Elevator
Martian ManhunterSpace suits you, Sir!FreeAfter restoring the Com Link in Hub Visit 2 in Level 3
The FlashSpace suits you, Sir!FreeUnlocked at the beginning of level 3 near the watchtower
Wonder Woman (Cheetah Disguise)All the Rage / Need for GreedFreeUnlocked at the beginning of level 12 or 13
RobinPursuer in the SewersFreeAfter completing level 1
Green LanternSpace suits you, Sir!FreeAfter restoring the Com Link in Hub Visit 2 in Level 3
CyborgSpace suits you, Sir!FreeAfter completing level 3
SupermanSpace Station InfestationFreeAfter completing level 4
Killer CrocThe Big GrappleFreeAfter completing level 5
Wonder WomanSpace Station InfestationFreeAfter completing level 4
The JokerThe Big GrappleFreeAfter completing level 5
Plastic ManThe Lantern MenaceFreeUnlocked after defeating Mr. Freeze in the Hub Visit 5
Solomon GrundyThe Big GrappleFreeAfter completing level 5
Indigo-1Jailhouse NokFreeAfter completing level 11
Saint WalkerA Blue HopeFreeAfter completing level 10
Batman (The Joker Disguise)All the Rage / Need for GreedFreeUnlocked at the beginning of level 12 or 13
Lex LuthorThe Big GrappleFreeAfter completing level 5
Robin (Lex Luthor Disguise)All the Rage / Need for GreedFreeUnlocked at the beginning of level 12 or 13
CheetahThe Big GrappleFreeAfter completing level 5
Star SapphirePower of LoveFreeAfter completing level 9
BrainiacBreaking the IceFreeAfter completing level 15
Story mode characters and how to unlock them in Lego Batman 3

How to Unlock LEGO Batman 3 Characters Tokens

For each of the unlockable characters, the game gives you a Character Token that unlocks the character in the store where you can later go on and purchase them. We have detailed which characters you can get via character tokens and how to unlock them in Lego Batman 3.

CharacterMissionCostHow to Unlock
Ace the Bat-HoundBatcave25,000Complete the “Sleep Well” quest
Alfred (1966)Batcave45,000Go to the docks and enter the clear pipe on the right with an Atom; you will find a character token here on the left side
AquamanOdym250,000After completing the “Croc My Heart” quest
The AtomThe Big Grapple25,000Find the lever in the northwest corner of the hangar, pull it down, and fill the tank. Then, find three silver crates north of the hangar and destroy them. Build a waste receptacle from it and use it to spawn two switches and pull them to get Atom’s token
Adam WestStory Levels and Hub AreasComplete all Adam West in Perils
Ambush BugNok25,000Complete “Walking the Bug” quest
ArkilloAw-Qward Situation200,000Use electric power to turn the magnetic wheel; it will drop some bricks. Build a tech panel from it and then a tech character to open the nearby clamps holding the character token of Arkillo
AtrocitusAll the Rage1,000,000Get the buried silver helmet and hand it to Bat-Mite to get your hands on the Atrocitus character token
Batman (1966)Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!After completing level 16
Batman (Zur-En-Arrh)Batcave (Trophy Room)25,000Go to the trophy room; you will find three switches: one under the stairs, another hidden behind boxes, and the last behind a silver rock. Pull them all to get the character token
BatgirlBatcave225,000Complete the quest “Lost in Translation”
Black CanaryWatchtower20,000Complete the “Canary’s Cure” quest
Beast BoyThe Big Grapple150,000Get the special RC toy from the nearby tech pad for Bat-Mite to get the Beast Boy character token from him
BanePursuers in the Sewers100,000Complete the “Killer Croc” objective and freeze the puddle, make an ice sculpture, then melt it down to get Bane’s character token
Batgirl (1966)Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!Complete level 16
Batman (Darkest Knight)Batcave150,000Go to the docks and use stealth power to go past the security camera to get the character token
Bat-MiteFree Play or Hall of JusticeComplete the Bat-Mite quests and “Proof is the Pummeling” quest
Black AdamWatchtower250,000Shrink the two black pillars in the trophy room and shut down the switch to reveal the character token
Black HandJailhouse Nok500,000After the first save station, find the ladder that goes down and use Martian Manhunter to control workers to pull the lever; this will reveal a silver box. Blast it to get the character token
Bat-CowOkaara50,000Complete the fifth “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” quest
Bruce WayneBatcave25,000In docks, find glass objects near water; this will open the cave door. Go inside and find gold items, blow them to get a character token
Black MantaPursuers in the Sewers50,000After defeating Killer Croc and talking to Bat-Mite, enter the Free Play room and look for magnetic pipes, bend them to enter the room. Open the dryer and grab the pants. Hand them to Bat-Mite to win a character token
Blue BeetleA Blue Hope50,000Jump into the lake and blast through rock on the top of the chest to open it to get the character token
Brainiac MinionThe Lantern Menace15,000After building the TV, find the antennas and fix them. Once the signal is clear, you will get a character token
BleezAll the Rage120,000You will find a beehive on the right; pull it down to get a character token
Booster GoldWatchtower1,250,000Complete the sixth “No Gold, No Glory” quest in Watchtower
Bronze TigerNok75,000Find the beacon with black statues, shrink down the statues and grapple hooks that appear. A Chest will appear that has a character token
CatwomanBatcave350,000In the trophy room, you will see a huge chessboard. Blast through the pieces and to the character token
Catwoman (Pre-52)Watchtower50,000Complete the “Cat that Got the Gleam” quest from the Trophy Room
Captain ColdA Blue Hope150,000Find the magnetic plant (near the area where Saint Walker is held) and open it to get the character token
Catwoman (1966)Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!125,000Blow up items in the center of Batcave and build Lantern pad out of the pieces. Use Lantern to make a safe and open it to get the character token
Cheetah (Robin Disguise)Oa5,000Head to the beacon with three burning flames; put them down and burst through the cracked floor. You will find a rock holding the character token
Cyborg SupermanBreaking the Ice2,500,000To get Bat-Mite a Batman cowl, go past the security camera into the bedroom and use sensory powers to reveal a gold lock. Melt it down to get the cowl and take it to Bat-Mite to get the character token
DeathstrokeBig Trouble in Little Gotham450,000During level 8, blast through the firework spinners to get the character token
CheshireEurope Against It10,000Dig through the five dirt spots and uncover the cannons. Fire them off to unlock the character token
DoomsdayHall of Doom (Exterior)1,250,000Bounce on the giant mushrooms near the swamp
Condiment KingWatchtower (Containment Cells)50,000Complete “Kevin Smith” first quest
Dex-StarrYsmault85,000Complete the “Territory Trouble” quest
Composite SupermanBreaking the Ice1,500,000You will find glass crystals, shatter them with a sonar character, and build a disco ball. Charge it with an electric character, start a party, and jump on the blocks to unlock the character token
Croc HenchmanPursuers in the Sewers10,000After draining the water, go down the ladder to the south and find ducks on a paddle boat. Get on the boat, go past the other ducks, and get Croc Henchman’s character token
Detective ChimpBatcave (Lab)65,000Complete “The Secret of Chimpanzees” quest
Doctor FateThe Lantern Menace350,000After defeating Brainiac in level 6, go behind his throne using the railing and get Doctor Fate’s character token
EtriganHall of Doom (interior)650,000Bust crates in the upper left balcony, and you will find a silver statue behind. Destroy the statue and get the token
DeadshotBig Trouble in Little Gotham750,000Go to the top corner of the swinging ship; you’ll find a dunk tank. Climb on top and target whatever appears, and you will fall into the water and get the character token
The Fierce FlameOkaara1,000Clear the cliff and hit the button, then locate the building with a crate on the roof and go there to get the character token.
FirestormHall of Justice350,000In the hub area, go to the left walkway. Melt the ice down, and you will find a box with a character token
Geoff JohnsBatcave of Watchtower (Lab)25,000Complete the “Survival” VR game to get the character token
Gorilla GroddOdym250,000Complete the “My Super-Sized Ex-Girlfriend” quest
GraysonBatcave130,000Recharge the dead Batcomputer to get the token
Green LoonternWatchtower and Lantern Planet50,000Complete all the Green Loontern’s quests to get the token
FireflyQward25,000Bust through a cracked wall inside Qward’s factories and find a gold chest that contains the token
FrankensteinHall of Doom135,000When you enter the hall, you will find a golden chest, melt it to find loose parts. Build a lever from it and pull it. Head upstairs and use the electric character to charge and blast the nearby chest, which contains the token
GigantaOdym1,250,000Complete “Getting Over Groddy-Poos” quest to get Giganta’s token
The Gray GhostBatcave (character customizer)500,000Look for five computers and smash them to kill the nearby laser gate. Then blow the pipe to get the token
Green ArrowSpace Station Infestation300,000Charge up the electric panel that is in the middle of the armory, then go to the flood below, find another conduit, and charge it up. This will reveal some special items, take them to Bat-Mite, and get the token
Harley QuinnHall of Doom120,000Complete the “Five Studs Please” quest to unlock the token
Indigo Tribe WarriorJailhouse Nok25,000In the dark cave, use a station near the green LEGO wall to charge Illumination Suit and light up the cave to find a web. Clear it up to get the token from behind
John StewartSpace Station Infestation250,000Look for the magnetic door and open it to get the token
The Joker (Batman Disguise)All the Rage or Need for GreedComplete level 12 or 13 to get the token
HawkgirlSpace Suits You, Sir!25,000Make a computer and detect a set of poles and Plastic Man pad, use him to slip to the back area and retrieve a special mask for Bat-Mite and get the token from him
Heat WaveYsmault32,500Find the pyramid whose entrance is blocked by flames. Put out the flames and get a token from the other side
Joker Mime HenchmanHall of Justice3,500On the second floor, there is a joker box with a spinning target; shoot it and get the token
HawkmanHall of Justice50,000Talk to Polly the Parrot and start the race. Win to get the token
HushBreaking BATS!25,000Fly to the little island with the glass case in the second area and break inside to get the token
Jim LeeBatcave or Watchtower25,000Complete “Ring Master 2” VR missions in the lab to get the token
The Joker (1966)Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!Complete the level to get the token
Joker Clown HenchmanBatcave3,500Find five flags in the lower left part of the cave and hit them all up to get the token. Note that every time you put up a flag, the timer will start, so be quick.
Joker Space HenchmanWatchtower3,500In the containment cell, find the little box with gold lock. Burst it open to get the token
KalibakNok125,000Find the statue of Sinestro in the large underground area and blow it open to reveal a dirt patch below. Dig below and get the token
Kid FlashWatchtower250,000Find five silver statues in the main room, break one first to begin a timer, then destroy the rest to get the token
KilowogNeed for Greed250,000On the way uphill, look for a nest that has three eggs. Shoot them to get the token
LarfleezeNeed for Greed1,000,000As you come across a giant statue, run in the opposite direction and find block switches. Hit them all and destroy them to get the token
Lex Luthor (Hawkman Disguise)Hall of Justice5,000Kill targets around the lever, build another lever from loose pieces, and pull them to get the token
LoboEurope Against It300,000Shrink the wrecking ball near the second bridge in England to get the token
Kevin SmithBatcave125,000Complete “A Polarizing Decision” quest
Killer MothWatchtower15,000Complete the “Protective Insect” quest
Krypto the SuperdogZamaron65,000Complete the “Hound at the Speed of Sound” quest to get the token
LexbotHall of Doom25,000Disable the security camera guarding the tech panel, then destroy the glass circuit nearby. Burst through the panel to open the chest containing the token
Lex Luthor (Wonder Woman Disguise)Oa15,000Head east and follow footprints that lead to a mound of dirt. Dig it to get the chest with a gold lock. Blow it open and make a tech panel from it. Use that panel to open a chest containing the token
Mad HatterBig Trouble in Little Gotham150,000Get Bat-Mite a magnifying glass from the chest in a cracked wall, and he will give you the token
Man-BatBreaking BATS!25,000Blow up the computers and find hidden shock conduits. Charge it up and go to the tech pad on the right side of the cave. Activate it and get some loose pieces then build another conduit and charge it too. This will reveal the character token
Music MeisterWatchtower45,000Pull the switch in the middle of the room that is connected with globes. Step on the switches in order to reveal the token
MetalloHall of Doom325,000Destroy all five monitors in a short time to get the token
Mr. FreezeQward75,000Complete the “Thaw Subject” quest to get the token
Manchester BlackEurope Against It30,000Get Bat-Mite the electronic device from the tech panel by matching three lights on the tower. He will give you the token
Miss MartianSpace Suits You, Sir!50,000Draw out a golden wall in the hangar, destroy it with a laser, and grab the token
Mr. MxyzptlkHall of Doom25,000Complete the “Not-so-scared Crows” quest
NightwingBatcave275,000Complete the “Rose-Tinted Rumble” quest
Orange Construct WarriorNeed for Greed20,000Find the gold-flower waste container and open it. Blow up the plants, collect the pieces, and power the container. A plane will appear, and Bat-Mite will give you the token as a reward
OrionNeed for Greed750,000In the control room, find a pressure pad and step on it. Align the three nodes to open a hatch, secure the revealed item, and give it to Bat-Mite to get the token
ParasitePower of Love175,000Get inside the dark cave near the flower platform and get the token
The Penguin (1996)Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!200,000Get Bat-Mite shark repellent from the room and get the token
Poison IvyHall of Doom25,000Complete “Love Stinks” quest
The QuestionWatchtower8,500Use sensory character to reveal magnetic box, bust it open to get token
Red HoodBreaking BATS!250,000Get Bat-Mite special laser gun from a glass case near the supercomputer and take the token from him
Red TornadoHall of Doom23,500Blow up the computers and make a shock conduit from it. Charge it to get a token
The PenguinHall of Doom135,000Complete the “I, Penguin” quest
PlatinumWatchtower225,000Go to the trophy room and destroy the silver statues on the top left ledge. Hit again on the same spot to reveal a chest containing the token
Polka-Dot ManBatcave15,000Complete the “Dot and Bothered” quest
Reach WarriorA Blue Hope5,000Shrink purple rock and find a Mini-Robin tunnel; use it to get the token
Red Lantern WarriorAll the Rage10,000Target Robin’s pole on the second zone and swing on it to release a stone. It will crack open, and a token will appear
Reverse FlashSpace Station Infestation125,000Destroy the purple missile in the dark room and shrink the silver crate behind it. Blast through it to reveal the token
The RiddlerHall of Justice250,000Complete the “Triple Riddle” quest
Robin (1966)Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!Complete the level to get the token
The Riddler (1966)Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!100,000Destroy the glowing objects near the bar; it will reveal a mound of dirt. Dig through it to get the token
SinestroAw-Qward Situation250,000After battling with Arkillo, find a purple rock and shrink it. Activate the panel under it to reveal the chest containing the token
Superman – Solar SuitBreaking the Ice1,000,000Find the tech panel on the north side of the room and activate it. Then solve the shape puzzle to spawn the token
StargirlThe Big Grapple15,000In the last room, free the glass case floating in the air with magnets. Break it to get the token from inside
SupergirlNok325,000Complete the “Who Let the Thugs Out?” quest to get the token
SuperboyHall of Justice325,000Complete the “Misguided Tour” quest
Shazam!Space Suits You, Sir!250,000Find the three switches in the maze in the first zone. Step on all three to spawn a cube. Blast it to get the token
Sinestro Corps WarriorAw-Qward Situation20,000Get Bat-Mite special staff from the upper area that is guarded with electrified gates, and he will give you the token
Supergirl (Classic)Batcave or Watchtower (Lab)115,000Complete the “Race Track” VR mission to get the token
Swamp ThingHall of Doom275,000Complete the “The Garden of Love” quest
Swamp Thing (New 52)Odym265,000Find the crate under the large beacon and blow it open to get the token
Tim DrakeWatchtower35,000Get to the laser gate in the corner of the top right platform in the hangar. Deploy a Mini-Robin hatch to access the switch containing the chest that has the token
TricksterHall of Justice40,000Complete the “Tricky Tour Guide” quest
VibePower of Love75,000After stopping the pink monster, grab the hook and form a debris. Build a magnifying glass and light ray out of it to blow a hole in a nearby cliff to make the token appear
Wonder GirlHall of Justice25,000On the ground level, follow the small tunnel, use Atom to go inside the tunnel and get the token from inside
ZatannaQward85,000Get in the warehouse and bust the machinery inside to reveal a vent. Follow the ledge to find a lever, pull them to get the chest with the token
ThundererHall of Justice3,500Find the trophy shelf and bust it to reveal cracked wall. Break inside to get the golden chest containing the token
ToymanBatcave20,000Complete the “Virtual Insanity” quest
Ultra-HumaniiteJailhouse Nok500,000Bat-Mite is looking for a key, get it by de-electrifying the lift first, then shrink pass the purple door. You need to stealth power to sneak behind the camera and get the key. Give it to Bat-Mite and get the token from him
White LanternBatcave or Watchtower (Lab)150,000Complete the “Snake 3” VR mission to get the token
Zamaron WarriorPower of Love7,500Get Bat-Mite Batmobile toy from the magnetic plane and take the token from him
Unlock characters via character tokens in Lego Batman 3

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