Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Get ready for an epic adventure to solve the mystery of the "Great Sword". We are here with yet another walkthrough for another splendid game.

Legend of Zelda series is one of the best franchises in Nintendo’s history and Skyward Sword extends its glory in the best possible manner. Keeping the hardware limitations in mind, the art and level design is just fascinating. And with hours of addictive gameplay, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword might just be the best game in Nintendo’s history.

The game is a prequel to its predecessor Ocarina of Time based on the mystery of the “Master Sword”. It’s a long adventure where you will be doing – Well, almost everything from solving variety of puzzles to slashing the dark creatures with your sword. If you don’t play much on your Wii then its time to change your mind as this game is a must play for Wii owners.

If you find yourself stuck in the massive world of Zelda, you can refer to the following walkthrough for guidance.


The Wing Ceremony
The Wing Ceremony is for the knight graduates. After you wake up, get yourself familiarized with the controls. If you don’t often play games on Wii, take some time to adjust yourself with the Motion controller. Grab the blue rupee from the closet and head out.

Talk to Fledge who is standing near the barrels. He will ask you to move a barrel to the kitchen. Pick it up and keep an eye on your stamina bar as when it runs out, you will have to pull the barrel back and the wait it to be restored. After transferring the barrel to the designated spot (check the map), head outside and save your progress at first of many statues found throughout the games.

When you are just about to leave, a guy will call you from the rooftop and teach a couple of more tricks. Use the teachings to reach that guy. You can complete the side quest if you want to or tell him that you are busy. He will ask you to find Mia which is just across the building.

You can move the box and get to the rooftop to collect furry and get back. Finally, you can go meet Zelda. Head north to the statue to find her. Your answers won’t affect the outcome of the game. When Zelda pushes you off the cliff, Press the Down and D-Pad buttons to call in your Loftwing who won’t respond somehow. A cutscene will play.

It’s time to get back to the academy and meet Hornwell. Then move to the light tower in the southern area. You will find a boy who needs some help with bugs. In the plaza ahead, meet the opponents and after the cutscnene, you will know that they have stolen your bird.

Now go meet Pipit. He can be found in the Sparring Hall talking to Fledge. As described, you need to move to the waterfall now.

Right outside the Academy (to the left of the door) is Horwell. Now, head to the stone Light Tower in the southern Plaza area. A boy will stop you on the way to talk about bugs. You can roll into the tree using the Nunchuk and a Sky Stag Beetle will appear. You don’t have a Bug Net so you cannot catch it. Read up about bugs in the Bug Collection section.

To get a sword first, move to the sparring hall and talk to that healthy guy. Move through the door and get the sword from the chest. If you want to learn some tricks about sword fighting then you can ask the tutor beside you or you can skip it and get straight into the battle.

To do a spin attack, you should swing your nunchuk as well as Wii remote in one direction. I will recommend that you do the complete training which will be useful in the future.

After you leave the Sparring Grounds, you will find a stone that will give you hints during your quest. Now head towards your destination i.e the waterfall. You will find a cave in the east direction of the waterfall.

Use your sword on the wooden posts firs and then head inside. Keese will the first of many enemies to face. You can slash your sword to get rid of them. If you want any help on different enemies found in the game, you can refer to our Enemies Strategy guide for that. If you want a red rupee, just before you reach the bottom, head left through a hole and then jump across to get the cash inside the chest.

After you dash to climb from bottom, you can climb the vines there to get to another red rupee note. Near the exit, there is more treasure to loot. Cut down the grass to reveal an opening. After collecting the loot, exit the cave and save your progress. You will see the bird trapped just ahead. Use your sword to free it.

You have now the ride to fly to the ceremony. You can move the remote vertically to make the bird flap its wings. After gaining height, tilt the remote down to dive. Press the A button for speed dash which is limited ofcourse so use them wisely during the races. The B button is like pressing the brakes which will slow down your bird.

The Race
When the race starts, you need to get those yellow birds. Attain the maximum height (check your elevation meter) and then dive down. When you are near any of those birds, press the dash button to grab them. This will complete the first round. For the next round, you will have to dodge the projectiles too.

You will be awarded with the sailcloth. After the cutscene, press B button to break your fall before hitting the ground. There will be another cutscene. You will wake up in the academy again. After you leave, you will find the image of Fi. Follow her till you end up facing a cat. A couple of slashes will do the trick. There is also a chest off the ledge if you want another red rupee note.

Follow Fi again and as you move up the ramp, you will encounter more Keese and Chu Chus along the way. Next, use the vines to climb up. Get to the statue of goddess. You will find a sword inside. Along the sword, you will also get an Emerald Tablet. Three such tablets complete a panel. Use the Skyward Strike on the blue emblem and then place the tablet in the panel.

After you reach the surface, you will have the option to talk to Fi anytime you want. All you have to do is press Down on the D-Pad. After you save your game, you will have the uniform. Gaepora will ask you to visit the bazaar before you leave Skyloft.

You will get an adventure pouch which you can fill with different items from the bazaar. Only the consumables can be stored in the pouch. The number of slots are limited but can be increased as you progress through the game. At the academy, you can get a wooden shield now from Horwell.

To equip the shield press “-” button on your controller. Shield can be used to absorb some damage when raised. You can repair or replace it from the bazaar. Adjust the interface options according to your wish and then go to the bazaar. Buy some potions. For bombs, arrow or seeds, you will need the slingshot bow or bomb first (so you can’t buy them yet).

After shopping, you are good to leave Skyloft. Calling a bird is easy. Jump off from any ledge and call the bird to pick you up. Follow the green light to activate a cutscene.

Faron Woods

Sealed Grounds
Against the notorious Deku Babas, you need to swing your sword vertically or horizontally depending open the mouth’s posture. After the cutscene, jump off the cliff and use the sailcloth for a safe landing. If you hit the pedestal with Skyward Strike, Steam will burst from the ground which you can use along with your sailcloth to get to the higher level.

Fi will now tell you that you can estimate the presence of your goal nearby by dowsing. You will feel the rattle and the glowing effect when the objective is nearby. You can activate it by pressing C. The purple spot will tell you the location of the interested target. Select Zelda and use those jets to be uplifted through your sailcloth.

After you have reached the sealed door, get inside and save your progress at the statue. Get the Revitalizing Potion from the chest and then the lady can tell you about the location of Zelda. You should now open your map and mark the location (Faron Woods) using the beacon. Move out through the eastern door.

Save the Goron from the Bokoblins. Then a statue will pop which can use to save your progress and also travel to the sky. Pushing the log after you climb the vines will create a shortcut to Sealed Grounds. Now enter the Faron Woods section.

Faron Woods
Grab the rope ahead and use it to swing across. You can get rid of those burs by sword spin. If you move down the path, you will find some Bokoblins around a kiwi. After you save the creature and your discussion with Fi, start following the bird.

When the kiwi hides behind the mushrooms, you can dowsing ability to track it. Next, kiwi will hide behind the tree. Use the same procedure to track it. This time, Machi will be there who will let you know that Zelda is in hiding. If you want an amber relic, you need to move the log off the cliff behind Machi to find it.

Follow the southeast direction till you get to the Bird Statue. You can deal with the Deku Baba plant by throwing a boulder from the top. For another Amber Relic, you should climb the ledge in the pool. In the next section, you will encounter Oktorok, the grass that pops out from the ground and attack you via nuts.

If you are not careful, you can damage your shield which then you will have to repair. To stay safe, time your sword swings to send the projectiles back to them. Keep on moving south, save your progress and then cut the rope to swing across. You don’t need disturb the master kiwi yet. There are two Amber Relics to collect here. One is to the west side (dropping off the ledge) while you can get the other one by pushing the log off the cliff.

Kiwi Hunt
Kiwi leader will tell you that some of the birds are missing. You need to find them. Lets find Lopsa first. Look for the little hole just past the kiwi. Move through it and when your reach the inside of a giant tree, you can fill an empty bottle with fairy. Equip the bottle and target the fairy to get it filled.

Climb the vines and then climb across the rope. If burs are presenting any trouble, you can rattle the Wii remote slightly to shake them off. An ambush is waiting for you on the other side. Your spin attacks will work great against the Bokoblins. There are some hearts on the outskirts of this area if you need any. Get to the tree to bring Lopsa down.

You can use the vine and then log to get back from where you came from. You need to head to the temple now to find Erla. First mark the location of the bird on your map by using the top of the building (in the west) as vantage point.

You can find the bird on the ledge to the northeast direction. There are also some vines leading to it. You can use these vines to get to the bird. Cut the grass and it’s time to find the next bird.

To find Oolo, move through the small hole to the south of the temple. After moving through large tree root (on the west side), you will come to a hole on the ground that leads to the Sealed Grounds exit. Drop down through this hole and the path will lead you to the kiwi.

After you have found all three birds, head back to the lord kiwi. You will have the Slingshot now which is used to fire Deku seeds. If you run out of ammo, you can roll into trees or cut down plants to stock up.

Deep Woods
Your first encounter in this area will be with Bokoblins. Then shoot the hornet nest before they can create any problems. If they start following you, run till you loose them. Before you cross the rope bridge to the north, shoot the hive first.

After you pass the bridge, you can drop a log off the ledge to create another shortcut. As you move down the hill, there will be another rope section. Like before, you should wave the Wii controller to shake off the burs and this time, the Bokoblins too. Get to the top of the hill and save your progress. To get across, latch onto the rope and make it swing high enough so that you can get to the other side.

There is a Deku baba ahead to deal with. Slash it with your sword then collect the red rupee note from the treasure chest. Gorko will come again and tell you about Goddess cube. These cubes render you valuable treasure chests with different items. There is another one down the stairs.

You can now choose to head to the Skyloft and harness the treasure chests awarded via Goddess cubes. How will you get there? Use the bird statue which can be used for teleportation. At the Beedle’s shop back in Skyloft, you can purchase different items like Bug Net, Extra Wallet, Life Medal and Adventure Pouch Upgrade. For now the first two item will do. Do some fixing, stock up and get back from where you came from.

Skyview Temple
To enter the temple, shoot the pink diamond above. You should cut the webs and tress as you move along because if you get stuck in web, Keese will arrive to annoy you. Down there, deal with the Deku Baba and then hit the switch to open the door below the ledge.

There is another switch (eye switch) in the room which will open the further passage. Rotate the switch till it turns red to open the door. After you save your game, you will find 4 doors in the room. Hit the switch below and then get ready to fight with a Bokoblin.

Then hit the pink switch above the door to the northeast. You can search for the next switch in the room with 4 headed doors, under the water conducting channels. Deal with the Bokoblins and then watch out for the Skulltula on a web. You can first bypass the spiders by shooting the vine curls and then you can swing back across to stab the Skulltulas.

If you go back to the stone bridge section, you will find a pink switch you can hit to flood the central room. From here you can get to the dungeon map above the flooded room. The map will tell you the location of all treasure chests in the dungeon you won’t be needing any compass.

Move out through the southeast section of the room and next you will find a pair of eye switches. Stand on the light patch and then shatter the eyes with circular movement. You will get a key. Get it back to the central room to open the door. You will also have to hit a pink switch.

Stlfos can be annoying to deal with. Wait for the right time and when you see the opening through the swords, strike it. You will also find a beetle inside which can be useful in different ways like hitting switching, collecting items and cutting spider webs etc. You can also control it as it flies through the air.

After you are back outside the room, explore the areas using the beetle and then hit the pink switch, enter the west side door. Inside, use your beetle to bring the box down above. Get to the second level and push the box down. Place it in the center of the room and climb it and interact with the eye switches using your sword to open the gate.

Get the key and head back to the place where you got the beetle. You can use the beetle to hit the pink switch across which will the central room with water again. You will get to the stairs. Deal with the Skulltula and then the Deku Babas lurking above the eastern door.

You will next face a Staldra. To defeat it, you got to crush all of the heads in one go. One easy way of doing is that you stun it using your wooden shield. In this dungeon, it’s usually about hitting the pink switches. Keep on exploring the dungeons till you are ready for the boss fight. You are going to need a key first. Climb the vines in front of the door leading to the boss.

Use these vines in succession to get to the chest with the key. Head back and save your progress before you move through that door. Make sure that you are ready for this tough fight ( a shield is necessary and recovery items are useful too). If you don’t have them yet then you can come back later.

Boss Fight – Ghirahim
You can read our Boss Strategy guide for any help to defeat the demon. After defeating the demon, you will have a Ruby Tablet which you can fit in the base of the statue found in Skyloft.

We will update the walkthrough as soon as possible

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