Zelda: Link’s Awakening BowWoW Guide – How to Rescue BowWoW, Completing Tal Tal Heights

Our Zelda: Link's Awakening guide will teach you how to rescure BowWow when playing the Nintendo Switch remake of the original game.

How to save BowWow in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Mabe Village’s pet dog in Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening when playing the newly released remake on Nintendo Switch.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening BowWow

After the completion of the first dungeon, the Tail Cave, you will be going through Mabe Village at some point. Once you reach here, you are going to be informed about the kidnapping of their pet BowBow. On further interaction wity the people, you will know that he has been captured by Moblins and has been taken to the Tal Tal Heights.

At this point, after finishing the Tail Cave, you must have the Roc’s Feather now. You need to head to the Mysterious Forest, in the northeast direction so you can reach the Koholint Prairie, near the witch’s house.

Get the Magic Powder from here and the Heart pieces. The heart piece will be surrounded by some holes, so here you will be using the Roc’s Feather.

Start heading north and it will take you to Tal Tal Heights. After reaching there, move right, inside the cave with a stone Moblin head above the entrance.

Inside the dungeon, you will find only one Moblin in the first room but don’t worry, there are more to come. The second room will stand you up against four Moblins with spears in their hands.

Now all these will be throwing their spear at you and all you have to do it, keep your shield raised and block all these attacks. Once they are done attacking, they will be open to attack. Here you are going to use your sword to attack them and kill them.

The third room will be your final room where you are going to be coming face to face with the boss Moblin. The boss will have almost the same story as its soldiers. He will attack you with the spears and then charge at you. When he attacks with the spears, block the attacks with your shield.

Move to the very corner of the dungeon, with the wall behind. Now the boss is going to charge at you and here, as he comes closer to you, move away and he will hit the wall which will stun him for a few moments and you will be using your sword to inflict him more damage.

Remember that not everytime that you do this will he get baited and hit the wall. Sometimes he might stop before hitting the wall but you have to keep trying.

Once the boss has been defeated, enter the room on your right and finally, you will find BowWow here. Press A to rescue the pet and now he will follow you around so you can take him back to Mabe Village.