Left 4 Dead 2 All Bugs And Their Fixes

Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to Valve's award-winning zombie classic first-person shooter but not without bugs, here's how to fix them.

Left 4 Dead 2, the sequel to the iconic Left 4 Dead that allows you to team up with your friends once more to mow down hordes of zombies. However, like with most games, Left 4 Dead 2 has several bugs, glitches and issues that can prevent you from enjoying the game to its fullest, but there are ways to fix them.

In this guide, we’ll explore over 20 errors and bugs in L4D2 and how you can fix them. Whether these issues prevent you from joining your friends or cause your game to freeze or stutter, this guide is for you.

1. Audio Bug: Loss of Mic Volume Master Control

Issue: Changing the mic volume in-game also changes the mic volume in Windows
Fix: Go to “Control Panel > Sound Options > Communications Tab”. Change “Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%” to “Do Nothing”.

2. Audio Bug: Microphone Looping

Issue: Microphone becomes un-muted in Windows volume control on map change
Fix: Open your config file located in “\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead2\left4dead2\cfg\config”, now find

voice_mixer_mute “0”

change it to

voice_mixer_mute “1”

3. Audio Bug: Audio Output decreases on map change

Issue: Audio output automatically decreases on each map change for some users
Fix: None, you have to manually change the audio level again

4. Stuttering when a tank arrives/shoots at SI

Issue: When a tank appears on screen, the game starts to stutter
Fix: Open Task Manager and manually close all CPU and GPU-heavy applications

5. Performance drop for users with Multicore ATI GPUs/SLI Nvidia and 64Bit OS

Issue: Performance drops on every map change while playing Left4Dead 2.
Fix: Alt-tab out of the game and then back in. Nvidia users downgrade to 191.07 WHQL from driver version 195.xx, This is a temporary fix.

6. Microsoft Visual C++ Error

Issue: Some users experience game crashes during map loading and get the Microsoft Visual C++ Error.
Fix: To fix this bug in Left 4 Dead 2, lower your texture models to Normal or Low. If you are using Windows Vista, try installing the OS updates.

7. Crash Without Error

Issue: Left 4 Dead 2 crashes at random without any error message.

Fix: put -lv in your game run path. Alternatively, try the workaround below:

  • Close Steam if running.
  • Go to your Steam\Steamapps folder and delete left 4 dead 2 clint.ncf.
  • Delete client.dll from your Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\bin folder.
  • Start Steam
  • Right-click on L4D2 and validate the game
  • After Validation is complete right click on the game and choose Install
  • Let the game re-download the files and install them properly

8. Game Crashes After Intro

Issue: L4D2 crashes right after the intro cutscene.
Fix. Open up a notepad and paste this, then save it as l4d2regx86.reg and Run.

32Bit x86 Users

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocHandler] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocHandler32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {5F63E8CB-8F57-490A-97FE-62BC2F2A5EA4} \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ CLSID (66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {F64A6DA6-E8AF-4B7B-BCA8-847AE765D538}] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ CLSID (8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {50D5107A-D278-4871-8989-F4CEAAF59CFC}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E}]

64Bit Users

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocHandler] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E) \ InprocHandler32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (5F63E8CB-8F57-490A-97FE-62BC2F2A5EA4) \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (F64A6DA6-E8AF-4B7B-BCA8-847AE765D538)] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (50D5107A-D278-4871-8989-F4CEAAF59CFC)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E}]

9. Engine Failing (IVP…)

Issue: Users may experience this error in Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign, Versus, and Scavenge.
Fix: Uninstall any add-ons and make sure the Windows firewall isn’t blocking the game. If the problem persists press Windows key + R and type in regedit. Then delete the following files:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve

10. CRC Client side dll bin\client.dll error

Issue: You may get this Error While Joining a Server
Fix: Go to

\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\bin

and find “client.dll.old” and rename it to “client.dll”.

11. The Game Crashes after killing a Witch

Issue: When you or your team kills a witch, the game crashes. The game still shows you on the server and you have to be kicked before you can join again.
Fix. Try Verifying your Game Integrity (It may not work for all users). Alternatively, delete your game and re-download it.

12. Dev. Console not working in the Lobby

Issue: Some players may experience a bug that stops dev. Console to open in the lobby.
Fix: Quit the game from the lobby to the main menu. Enter the console commands here, and then re-host the lobby.

13. Texture Glitch: Ventilation ducts on Hard Rain Map 5 become invisible

Issue: Ventilation ducts become invisible on Hard Rain Map 5. However, some players may experience this glitch on some maps as well.
Fix: Change graphics settings, particularly texture resolution.

14. Split Screen bug: Water makes surfaces see-through and very hard to navigate on

Issue: Water gets a hall-of-mirrors effect for both players making it very difficult to play on water-centric campaigns (C3 and C4), this occurs due to memory leak.
Fix: Using mods, put a no-draw around the map.

15. Split Screen bug: Player 1’s shadow is a mix of shadows

Issue: Instead of being a solid shape it’s a mixture of some other shapes.
Fix: Disable shadows from the graphics settings.

16. Events progression bug

Issue: Crescendo events are sometimes bugged where you can’t open a door to start them or progress through vents to finish them.
Fix: Restart the game.

17. Stuttering bugs (Steam features)

Issue: This problem may happen when you update your game via Steam, the latest update enables Steam features.
Fix. Un-check this checkbox;

Steam Settings > In-Game tab > Enable Steam Community in game

18. Consistency Error

Issue: This problem happens when your game or the server is outdated. Upon loading up a match, you’ll be met with a disconnected screen

Fix: update your game or server, or verify your game files. Some mods may also cause this issue, if the error persists try uninstalling mods.

19. No open slots bug

Issue: This issue occurs when the game fails to register an open slot, preventing other players from joining your game or you from joining other players.

Fix: Certain mods may cause this to happen, so uninstall them. If you cannot join someone else, spam “!joingame” until you can.

20. Error reading application ID

Issue: This glitch prevents you from launching the game and you’ll be met with an “error reading application ID window” This problem mainly stems from using pirated software.

Fix: To fix this bug, simply launch Left 4 Dead 2 without Steam or purchase a legitimate copy of the game.

21. Error code 126/127

Issue: Error 126/127 can be caused by several issues including corrupted game files, outdated drivers, or your anti-virus.

Fix: Update your drivers and verify your game files. Additionally, make sure your anti-virus isn’t blocking the game.

22. hunter.mdl/hulk.mdl error

Issue: This issue happens when there is a discrepancy between the files of the host and the player joining their game, it usually arises due to mods.

Fix: Open the console command and type in “v_consistency 0” to fix the problem.

23. Model glitch

Issue: Model glitches/bugs happen through the use of mods, often times models aren’t rigged properly which can lead to improper models in the game

Fix: Since this issue is tied to the mods you use, you may need to delete the mods or use different ones to remedy the situation.

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