Left 4 Dead 2 Audio Bug, Stuttering, Performance Drop, Crashes, and Fixes

Left4Dead 2 is the sequel to the award winning zombie classic first person shooter by Valve that set the zombie trend in video games Industry. You can refer to the guide below to fix any issue you face while playing Left4Dead 2, and also for full list of Left4Dead 2 Glitches.

Left4Dead 2 Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Freezes and Fixes

1# Audio Bug. Loss of Mic Volume Master Control
Changing mic volume in game also changes mic volume in windows
Fix. In windows go to “Control Panel > Sound Options > Communications Tab”, here change “Reduce the volume of ither sounds by 80%” to “Do Nothing”.

2# Audio Bug. Microphone Looping
Microphone becomes un-muted in windows volume control on map change
Fix. Open your config file located in “\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead2\left4dead2\cfg\config”, now find

voice_mixer_mute “0”

change it to

voice_mixer_mute “1”

3# Audio Bug. Audio Output decreases on map change
Audio output automatically descreases on each map change for some users
Fix. None, You have to manually change the audio level again

4# Stuttering when tank arrives/shooting at SI
When tank appears on screen some gamers experienced stuttering.
Fix. No Fix yet, comment and share if you know the way around this.

5# Performance drop for users with Multicore ATI GPUs/SLI Nvidia and 64Bit OS
Performance drops on every map change while playing Left4Dead 2.
Fix. Alt-tab out of the game and then back in. There is another way for nVidia users, if you have driver 195.xx, downgrade to 191.07 WHQL. But still this is a temporary fix.

6# Microsoft Visual C++ Error
Some users have a game crash during map loading getting this error.
Fix. Lower your texture models to Normal or Low. If you are using Windows Vista, try installing the OS updates.

7# Crash Without Error
Left4Dead 2 crashes at random without any error message.

Fix. put


in your game run path.

Alternatively, try the workaround below.
Close Steam if running.
Go to your Steam\Steamapps folder and delete left 4 dead 2 clint.ncf.
Delete client.dll from your Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\bin folder.
Start Steam
Right click on L4D2 and validate the game
After Validation is complete right click on the game and choose Install
Let the game re-download the files and install them properly

8# Game Crashes After Intro
If your game crashes right after the intro video, try this workaround;
Fix. Open up a notepad and paste this, then save it as l4d2regx86.reg and Run.

32Bit x86 Users

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocHandler] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocHandler32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {5F63E8CB-8F57-490A-97FE-62BC2F2A5EA4} \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ CLSID (66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {F64A6DA6-E8AF-4B7B-BCA8-847AE765D538}] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ CLSID (8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {50D5107A-D278-4871-8989-F4CEAAF59CFC}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E}]

64Bit Users

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocHandler] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E) \ InprocHandler32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (5F63E8CB-8F57-490A-97FE-62BC2F2A5EA4) \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E} \ InprocServer32] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {66B6B493-6055-4572-8FC1-A0FA86D63545}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (F64A6DA6-E8AF-4B7B-BCA8-847AE765D538)] [HKEYCLASSESROOT \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161}] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (8D083C4F-F8B1-42ED-851B-51017CF4C161)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID (50D5107A-D278-4871-8989-F4CEAAF59CFC)] [HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Software \ Classes \ Wow6432Node \ CLSID {BCDE0395-E52F-467C-8E3D-C4579291692E}]

9# Engine Failing (IVP..)
Users may experience this error in Left4Dead 2 Campaign, Versus and Scavange.
Fix. None, if you know something about it, share with us.

10# Couldn’t CRC Client side dll bin\client.dll
You may get this Error While Joining a Server
Fix. Go to

\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\bin

and find “client.dll.old” and rename to “client.dll”.

11# Error instead of normal skins
Players see this error on Zombies/Weapons/Etc
Fix. Try verifying your Game Cache

12# Game Crashes after killing a Witch
When you or your team kills a witch the game crashes, while game is still showing you in the server and they have to kick you before you could join again.
Fix. Try Verifying your Game Integrity (It may not work for all users). Otherwise Delete your game and re-download it.

13# Dev. Console not working in Lobby
Some people may experience a bug that stops dev. console to open in lobby.
Fix. They have to quit from the lobby, enter the commands here and re-host the lobby.

14# Texture Glitch. Ventilation ducts on Hard Rain Map 5 are invisible
Some of you may experience this same error on some of other maps of Left4Dead 2 as well.
Fix. Change graphics settings if you are playing on Low.

15# Split Screen bug. Surfaces with water on top makes it see through and very hard to navigate on
Water gets a hall-of-mirrors effect for both players making it very difficult to play on water-centric campaigns (C3 and C4).
Fix. None, if you know a way around it, share.

16# Split Screen bug. Player 1’s shadow is a mix of shadows
Instead of being a solid shape its mixture of some other shapes.
Fix. If you know a way around it, share.

17# Events sometimes won’t start, or let you continue
Crescendo events are sometimes bugged that you cant open a door to start it, let you continue in the vent or finish the event.
Fix. None, comment if you get to Know.

18# Stuttering due to one of the latest patches when your in-game steam features are enabled
May happen when you update your game via Steam.
Fix. Un-check this CheckBox;

Steam Settings > In-Game tab > Enable Steam Community in game

Left4Dead 2 Glitches

Here are some of the Glitches found in Left4Dead 2 till now:

  • Carrying Multiple melee weapons by dropping your main weapon for a 2nd melee.
  • Charger can hit you through the wall.
  • Sometimes multiple smokers, up to 3 I’ve seen so far, are spawned at the same time.
  • In Scavange mode gas cans fall beneath cars, making them impossible to get. Link
  • When trying to crown the witch while sitting with incindiary ammo, she becomes invincible.
  • When tank incap. you, the tank can get stuck in your body/incap. survivor can get stuck on your leg
  • When you point to an ammo pile and choose the voice chat “Look”, your character will say “Guns here” (or “weapons here”) instead of saying “ammo here” like they should.
  • Versus teams would lose their round if none on that team have loaded yet.
  • This is a more logical Glitch, but, when you shoot off both arms of the CI, they’re still able to climb up on things. If you think logically, when your arms are shot off, you can’t really climb.
  • In Dark Rain, when you go up on the elevator and a spitter would spit on it, the pool would form on top of the elevator but you would still receive dmg from this.
  • Steam Stats acts up and sometimes add extra plays then you actually have done in real.
  • When you switch teams in Versus you sometimes start in Spectator mode, you have to manually chose your team.
  • On Swamp Fever, Map 1, when getting thrown into the water when the ferry comes you sometimes don’t die immediatly, but you are stuck under the water without movement and sight. Eventually you do die but this takes a while.
  • On Dead Center, Map 1, when you go down in the elevator, you can fall through the bottom, spawning on top of the elevator again.
  • On Swamp Fever, Map 1, on versus if you’re incappacitated on the ferry you sometimes don’t die and Versus has to be rehosted.
  • Hand gets stuck in the “pick up” position until the weapon is used or the player melees.
  • The charger sometimes comes charging at you, and all of the sudden runs back from where he came, if he has a Survivor, he runs with them.
  • When searching for games to play online it always returns 0 results no matter what I set the Filters to, I have to click “More search options” and use the selections there to find games.
  • The horde sometimes does not stop coming.
  • The smoker animation when launching his tongue still does not work for some people ( Was also present in the demo ).
  • Game difficulty resets itself every time a map change happens.
  • Unspawned infected will stumble if passed by a charging charger.
  • If you have a Czech/Russian interface, the font in the Dev. Console is unreadable.
  • On swamp fever, map 1, versus, when the ferry arrives and the survivors get on, they would get the message that they have escaped. Infected can’t spawn anymore and already spawned infected can’t do damage anymore to them.
  • Smoker tongue still sticks to body, even after death of the smoker.
  • Defib can be used from a distance/through a bridge.
  • When hunter/jockey is shoved, they can still scratch you.
  • Dynamic shadows don’t work when you equip a melee weapon.
  • Opening the menu in a online game pauses the game for everyone. A little box appears with ” pause ” on it.
  • When opening a door it automatically closes itself again.
  • SI sometimes spawn inside a wall.
  • Custom Sprays not working.
  • Trying to join your own dedicated server does not work
  • When your score goes over 10000, the text will overlap the score in versus.
  • An infected stumbles towards you rather than away from you, giving it time to attack you before you are able to melee again. Very troublesome in expert mode.
  • Riot cops often fall towards nearby walls no matter what angle you hit them at, meaning they stop stumbling as soon as they hit the wall and do not turn around. This isn’t as big a deal as problem one, but still annoying.
  • The achievement : Spit happens, appears as Great Expectoration ingame.
  • Sometimes when a boomer biles on the survivors, there won’t be a horde.
  • When a smoker pulls you back, or you get pinned, the bots won’t rescue you :
  • From time to time the last round of Fire/Explosive ammo does not register as a special round and shoots out as a normal round.
  • When you are forced to rejoin a Team Versus game, you can’t join the game anymore as it says that it’s an unjoinable game.
  • On hard rain 1, bots can take items from the safe room on hard rain 5.
  • Tanks spawn to far from the survivors. In campaign mode the tank just dies after a while due to this, in versus you get switched due to the ragemeter depleting.
  • When a charger charges, and you use a melee attack, it sometimes doesn’t register as a hit.
  • Sometimes shots at point blank don’t register with zombies.
  • Graphics would glitch and you can see the walkways for SI to crawl on.
  • AI controlled chargers will often start a charge towards you, even if there is a chain fence between him and the survivor.
  • All the grabbing S.I. will often ‘ miss ‘ a survivor that normally should have hit them if you are right in front of them.
  • If a person would join Hard Rain, map 2, near the end of the map, and you enter the petrol station, you still would be able to get Sob Story, eventhough that person didn’t start the map with the rest.
  • The map graphics would sometimes glitch out and a purple cube map would be seen.
  • If a player, that becomes a tank, would leave the game, the bot is immediatly given to the A.I. to control.
  • If a jockey pounce would be initiated at the same moment you get tank control, the tank would suddenly go under the map to still follow the person who the jockey pounced, making it so that you’re stuck there for the rest of the map, and if the tank dies, the rest of your spawns also stay under the map.
  • SG552 with incendiary ammo has m16 sound (it still has its own sound with explosive ammo)
  • ON DC finale you can get on the edge of tent at stage by jumping from two smaller speakers
  • Sometimes meleeing a jockey makes him first catch you , then suddenly fall off
  • Headshoted/stunned witch can be meleed to death if shes agains the wall (it is a bug from l4d1)
  • AI hunter seems to be able to claw you in mid-air right before landing on you
  • In Scavenge mode on Dead Center you can be spawned in the elevator making it impossible to do anything.
  • It is possible to be in game, and at the same time be in a lobby.
  • Glitch since last update ( 09/12/2009 ) : Players start to spawn outside of the maps.
  • Bots are able to get Special ammo through the floors.
  • When a SI is shot with fire ammo, when he is able to respawn, he will still be on fire but not take damage from it.
  • Hit registration of a jockey/charger is not accurate. Most of the time you just fly over or through them.
  • Ai director spawns the same weapons at the same place.
  • Ai director sometimes does not give the same items at the same place in Versus.

If you face any other issue or find any other glitch in Left4Dead 2, don’t hold back and share in comments.

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