Leaks Suggest PlayStation 4 Will Get PS1, PS2 Titles

It looks like PS1/ PS2 Classics are finally arriving on PlayStation 4, a horde of evidences suggests the same.

It is a fact that Sony Computer Entertainment thought better of Backwards Compatibility and announced that they were not going to follow the line followed by Microsoft for Xbox One in this regard.

However, a number of evidences have surfaced online that suggest that old classics from the original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 might be coming to PlayStation 4 one way or another.

For instance, most recently at least three PlayStation 2 games were given a rating by PEGI for Sony’s latest home console. These games were Dark Cloud, Ape Escape and Twisted Metal Black.

The speculations regarding PS1/PS2 Classics support were further strengthened recently thanks to a Star Wars Battlefront bundle that brings you four series titles including some that were originally released on PS2.

A Redditor has gotten his hands on some information revealing that the PS2 titles that come with the bundle have actually been emulated natively on the PlayStation 4 with trophy support.

He was able to locate Star Wars Bounty Hunter trophies on his PSN ID emulated on PS4. Here’s a very detailed account of all the evidence that the guy in question was able to siphon out of the whole situation.

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