Leaked PlayStation VR Price of $800 Was an Error, Says Sony

Sony has clarified that the $800 price of PlayStation VR that leaked from Amazon was actually an error; no legitimate pricing has been revealed yet.

We have been pretty surprised (admittedly disappointed) in the rather high price tag of Oculus Rift ($599) but while people got around to digest that, an Amazon listing for PlayStation VR was causing an uproar among the community because of an unbelievably high price tag it came with.

The listing in question went up on Amazon Canada where apart from talking about the OLED 1920 X RGB X 1080 display, the good 120Hz refresh rate and the minor 18ms latency, a $800 price was given.

Soon after Forbes reported on the allegedly leaked price, we were all scrambling for validification or denial from the officials. Thankfully, Sony Computer Entertainment doesn’t agree with the listing too, and they have now released an official statement rejecting the 800 bucks price by citing it as an error:

This was an error by Amazon, we haven’t announced price for PlayStation VR.

Naturally, the listing on Amazon Canada has also been changed, now it doesn’t have a price.

While Oculus Rift is a high-end PC based virtual reality gadget, PlayStation VR is the same for the console – except that Palmer Luckey of Oculus Rift says that PSVR is not as high end as their head-mounted VR set.

In light of all this, and the usual perception that console based gadgetry is usually cheaper, we are still hoping that the PSVR would cost less than Oculus Rift or between $300-400 as Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada has suggested.

The PlayStation VR is going to be launched this year and it is expected to sell about 1.9 million units according to one research.

What do you think should be the price of Sony’s VR headset?

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