Leaked Playstation Cartridge Officially Destined for Sony TOIO

The recently leaked cartridge patent filed by Sony is, in reality, destined for Sony TOIO a kid "console" to release in Japan.

Two weeks ago a Sony cartridge patent surfaced, raising suspicion as to whether or not it is for the Playstation 5. The air got cleared today after the announcement that the design is for Sony TOIO, a game system designed for children.

Everyone’s fantasy went wild over what this new mysterious cartridge might be. Most sources wanted it to be destined for Playstation 5, most possibly an external SSD cartridge. However, all that is far from reality. The patent is actually for a game cartridge for Sony TOIO, as Lets Go Digital reports.

Sony TOIO is an interactive robot game console for children. Originally, the console will release in Japan with no indication of it hitting the western stores. The console follows the same concept of arcade consoles, with big cartridges, just like older Nintendo systems.

Undeniably, TOIO is an excellent game option for kids, although you can’t really call it a home console. The game system comes with various accessories, making it more of a board game than a real console. This means you have no TV or monitor to play a game. In reality, you get a tabletop board on which the family can play using the console.

Although Sony TOIO looks like a great investment for kid entertainment, it does shatter our dreams of something bigger. Over the past weeks, rumors started spreading about the cartridges being destined for a new handheld or home console, keeping the hype alive for more Playstation systems.

In other Playstation news, the Playstation 5 controller finally gets its first pictures, unearthed through Sony’s new patents. Although the body of the DualShock 5 looks similar to that of its predecessor, it does include some major changes. The lightbar on the top of the controller is now removed and the body has a sturdier build, coming closer to what the Xbox One controller looks like.

Sony is high on its heels with new hardware. Japan is clearly getting the best of both worlds with TOIO since we can’t really know the extent of its capabilities. We might see the system being used for some amazing things when it releases, thanks to its robotlike motors.

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