Leaked Batman: Return To Arkham Box Art From WB Italian Magazine

The leaked photo of the Batman: Return To Arkham box art inside WB games Italian magazine reveals that tis collection will be avaiable for Xbox one and PS4.

Following multiple leaks about Batman: Return to Arkham, now we have another leak relating to the collection which pretty much confirms that it is real. The leaked photo you see below is of Batman: Return To Arkham box art inside WB games Italian magazine.

The collection is rumored to consist of first two critically acclaimed Arkham games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham: City as it is shown on Batman:Return To Arkham box art, and will be available for Xbox one and PlayStation 4 but not on PC as far as we can tell.

Recently, Batman: Return To Arkham appeared on Italian GameStop website, the collection was priced at  50.98 euros but it could be a place holder.

Arkham Knight was the first Batman game to be released on Xbox one and PlayStation 4, and considering that other games like Halo, Gears Of War have made a jump to this generation of consoles to fully utilize the console’s higher resolution and better graphics. We can safely assume that RockSteady wants to do the same, and this could be true considering that both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were released on last gen consoles.

If the remastered versions of these games are coming out then according  to a rumor this collection will be available on June 10.

Rocksteady may have been targeting a stealthy approach to reveal this collection at E3 and surprise everyone, but it seems that these rumors have dented Rocksteady’s surprise and it is possible that if leaks like these keep happening then Warner Bros will have to reveal this collection early.

We just hope that these games will be properly ported to this generation of consoles so that fans can enjoy these games at higher resolution and smoother frame rate.

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