Leak Says Battlefield 6 Multiplayer Will Support Over 128 Players

A recent leak from an unnamed insider claims that Battlefield 6 multiplayer will be able to support over 128 players at once, giving matches a new degree of scale. Normally, matches like this are 32 on 32 matches, but who knows how chaotic multiplayer will become with twice as many players playing at once?

Of course, going by the insider’s words, it appears that in order to get to that scale to begin with, you’ll have to be playing the next-gen version of the game. While Battlefield 6 is apparently a cross-gen game, the current-gen game, the “Feature Limited Version”, will apparently be deleting some features.

This includes the 128-player multiplayer mode, but considering that all of this is just based on hearsay from an alleged insider, we should take it with a grain of salt for the time being until DICE actually proves them either right or wrong.

Alongside news about the Battlefield 6 multiplayer, however, the insider also made another assertion that a remastered version of Battlefield 3 will be getting released alongside 6. Though, again, there’s no guarantee of that because nothing has been announced yet.

This might be a similar plan to how Activision ensured at least some sort of success with the wildly unpopular Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare by bundling it with the remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

However, we have no idea of what Battlefield 6 will even be like since it hasn’t gotten a trailer, so once again you’ll have to take all of this “information” with a grain of salt. And while it would be very cool to have Battlefield 6 multiplayer have 128 players in it, and while it’s likely possible for the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, we shouldn’t start jumping to conclusions.

Even though it’s been nearly two years since Battlefield 5 came out, if Activision and DICE aren’t ready to announce Battlefield 6 yet, they’re likely not going to. We haven’t heard a peep from them the entire summer either, so who knows when we’ll actually get an official announcement instead of vague words.