League of Legends Will Get Another Champion this Year

League of Legends' Lead Champion Designer says Kindred will not be the last champion we get this year.

Do you think Kindred is going to be the last champion that League of Legends is going to get in 2015? Well, the developers don’t think so.

Andrei van Roon aka Meddler is the Lead Champion Designer at Riot Games, he was discussing the progress that developers have made with regards to gameplay work on official forums of the game.

Someone asked him if Kindred was going to be the last new champion we get in League of Legends this year, but thankfully his responded by saying that the “current expectation is that Kindred will not be the last new champ of the year.”

Obviously, this means we will get more; but we think since the year is about to end they will only have time to release one more champion.

He did not even hint what the next champion could be, however, we have some guesses. Riot is planning changes in ADC like they did with jungle last year. Back then, Rek’sai was released.

There are chances that if they follow the same pattern this year, the next champion could be an actual ADC Marksman.

On the other hand, the community thinks that they need a good top laner now and if Riot Games is listening that is what League of Legends might be getting.

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