League Of Legends Holds Biggest Chunk Of Gaming Traffic Share Worldwide

League of Legends, the multiplayer battle arena game is nothing short of a phenomenon among gamers. Riot Games has managed to gather a huge amount of dedicated user-base from League of Legends. One recent report backs the LOL community to be a key part of worldwide gaming traffic.

The report shows that the League of Legends traffic has even overcome the Fortnite users. The addiction to Fortnite has spread globally like wildfire. But it seems the battle royale game still wasn’t able to beat League of Legends in the long run.

The report featuring this analysis got released by a data analytics company, Sandvine. Their Global Internet Phenomena Report 2018 features all kinds of online statistics. The Gaming Traffic Share section shows that LoL is the clear leader in the market.

The game has managed to gather 26,42 % of the global gaming share. Fortnite is behind the leaders at a traffic share of 14.85 %. Along with being the worldwide leader, League Of Legends also top the list of EMEA users. Which means it has the largest traffic share of European and Middle Eastern users as well.

Fortnite was able to top the list of American users still. Player Unknown BattleGrounds also turned as toppers in the Asia-Pacific region. Games like Overwatch, Minecraft, and Destiny etc. were also able to make it to the list.

Nonetheless, the League of Legends community takes the top spot globally. Most extraordinary fact is that MOBA by Riot games makes up 51.53% of global connections in gaming. So, developers struggling to maintain the revenue of the game doesn’t quite add up.

Meanwhile, Riot Games is planning to launch another big title. The League of Legends developers have faced sexism allegations in the past as well. Riot Games did respond to that, nonetheless. So, they might want to sort that stuff out first before things get messier.

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