League of Legends’ Dota 2 Inspired Honor System Goes Live

The MOBA genre seems to have no shame. Each game constantly borrows, without changing much, if anything, from the others. I’m not saying this is a bad thing or not, but the Honor System is another clear example of its occurrence.

Coming straight out of DOTA 2, the honor system enables players to give positive commendations to people they play with or against. Both games also give players the option to do the opposite, and report players for poor behavior.

League of Legends Honor System even directly, almost word for word, copies DOTA 2’s commendation options. This would include, friendly, helpful, displaying great teamwork and honorable opponent.

Just like in DOTA 2, this honor system will be publicly displayed so that everyone can know how nice of a person you are. Or, in the case of the vast majority of the MOBA population, how lacking you are in that department.

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