League of Legends Band Pentakill All Set To Make A Comeback

Metal musician Tre Watson recently announced that the League of Legends band, Pentakill is about to make its return very soon.

The League of Legends band Pentakill is apparently getting ready to make its return. The band is known for making two metal albums for the popular Riot Games MOBA.

Tre Watson, a metal musician recently confirmed Pentakill’s return. His Tweet was deleted but a Reddit user captured its image on Imgur as spotted by PCGamesN. Tre Watson had this to say in his tweet:

Well, now that it’s my start date I can officially say it! I am working with Riot Games on Pentakill 3. And for you who know me, yes, it will Djent. Hope you guys are hype! Wish me luck!

Following that, the Riot Games Twitter account replied to Tre Watson welcoming him to the team. This solidifies the return of the League of Legends band.

Riot Games’ creative director Christian Linke made a series of Reddit posts in early March regarding Pentakill’s return. He stated:

I meaaan yeah, we are definitely gonna do another album of sorts. Question is when. Everyone’s excited about getting back into it though.

According to Tre Watson’s recent tweet, the return of the League of Legends band should be just around the corner. However, we don’t have an official date for the band’s return.

Pentakill was created in 2014 and is a virtual reality band comprised of in-game champions. These champions were Sona, Karthus, Kayle, Yorick, Olaf, and Mordekaiser. Each of these champions also received metal-themed games from Riot Games. The band made two albums for the popular MOBA.

League of Legends is a popular Multiplayer online battle arena game from Riot Games. The game came into existence in 2009 and instantly rose to prominence. Ever since then both Dota 2 and League of Legends go toe to toe to claim the title of the best MOBA game.

In other news, Riot Games recently announced that the company is closing the League of Legends boards. The reason being that these boards had long since been abandoned by users.

League of Legends just received patch 10.6 which brought some changes to its matchmaking system. You can download the free to play MOBA from its official website.