League of Legends Akali Rework Is Leaked On Reddit, New Kit Detailed

The League of Legends Akali rework has been leaked on Reddit, and now we can get into actually breaking down the various changes that Riot Games has made to her, giving her new abilities and new kit to use that players will have to work hard to master when they start playing.

Akali has been having a rework coming for a long time, and now that it’s been leaked onto Reddit we can at least get a glimpse at what we might be getting when the rework finally hits the game. All of the details for her rework have been leaked onto Reddit, and though they’re subject to change it at least gives us some hints of what we’ll be in for.

First off, we have Akali’s Assassin’s Mark skill, which is triggered by hitting a champion with magic damage. That will generate a circle around them, and within that circle Akali will have doubled attack range, will deal bonus magic damage with AD and AP, and will restore 10 energy to her, making it a great way to quickly finish off a hero if they’re alone.

Next is her Five Point Strike, which fires out magic damage that scales with AD and AP in a cone in front of Akali. If you cast it when you have nearly full energy it will also heal you for a certain amount. It also does bonus damage to minions and monsters making it good for crowd control.

The third move of the League of Legends Akali rework is Twilight Shroud, an evasive move that restores 40 points of energy while also granting you a 20% movement speed buff, and it can’t be penetrated by revealing abilities, even turrets, so you can use it for a quick getaway.

Fourth, we have the Shuriken Flip, another evasive move that also has some offensive value because Akali flips backward and throws a shuriken forward, marking the enemy. If you use it again, you’ll dash at that marked enemy and deal the same amount of damage the shuriken did.

Finally out of the League of Legends Akali rework we have Shadow Dance, where Akali dashes forward twice. On the first hit she’ll stun and do 120 damage, while on the second dash she’ll deal anywhere from 120 to 300 damage, meaning you can put a sizable dent in someone’s health.

The new Akali rework seems to make her good as a guerrilla character, able to pop in, deal high damage, and then leave just as quickly as she came. While we have no idea of when the rework will go active in the game, you can check out the video teaser to see how all of these moves look in action.

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