League of Legends 2015 ChampionShip Saw 334 million Unique Impressions

League of Legends World ChampionShip 2015 viewership stats have been released. They show a total of 334 million unique impressions.

Most big time networks may not recognize eSports and choose not to show our events on live Tv, but sadly for them, eSports’ viewership is increasing with every passing year and it won’t be long before they decide to change their minds about these events (we’ll be waiting).

Dota 2 The International was watched by millions of fans and some highly impressive viewership figures have now been released for League of Legends 2015 World Championship. According to the details, 334 million unique impressions were noted this season.

That is just mind blowing!

Total cumulative daily unique impressions (the amount of unique viewers that tuned in every day via online and television channels) reached 334 million over the four weeks (from 288 million in 2014). In fact, over the course of all 73 games, we saw an average concurrent viewership (ACU) of over 4.2 million, with the average fan watching for well over an hour per viewing session.

During all stages of the competition, 360 million hours of live esports were viewed. That is almost double the amount from 2014 which stood at 194 million hours.

For the final between SKT and Koo Tigers in Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena, the highest number of viewers who tuned into watch was 14 million; 3 million more than 2014. Overall unique viewers were 36 million during the final.

unique viewer count for the Final was 36 million – a record-breaking high for any esports event and a climb from last year’s Samsung White-Royal Club matchup at Sangam Stadium which drew 27 million unique viewers.

To celebrate this amazing year in eSports history, Riot is holding an “All Star Event” this week. More details will be provided soon, so stay-tuned.

Source: LOLeSports

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