League Of Legends Generated $1.7 Billion Revenue In 2016

League of Legends generated $1.7 Billion revenue in 2016 alone, leaving behind every other MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game behind. The report came from SuperData’s latest research pointing at climbing curve in revenue of Riot Games for every consecutive year.

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On the contrary, other competitor MOBA games like DOTA 2 only made $260 million last year. World of Tanks made $400 million, CrossFire at $1.1 million. Whereas Dungeon Fighter Challenge came closer at $1.1 billion revenue for 2016. Talk about competition and League of Legends nailed every game in its genre.

Dissecting the revenue chart by region of free-to-play-PC-games we get, Asia dominating with $12.5 billion in revenues. On second, Europe is the largest market with $2.8 billion generated. On third, United States with $2.2 billion, Latin America with $900 million. Finally, rest of the world with only $200 million.

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