League Of Legends Character Worshiped By an Elderly

League Of Legends Character Worshiped By an Elderly in china.Not only she was offering to the statue but also praying to it while kneeling before it.

An elderly woman in China was making offerings and praying to a League of Legends character. She was seen next to a massive Lorn Garen Statute while kneeling before it and praying for Demacia.

The images were taken outside an Internet cafe where this statue was being displayed.

But as to why she was was praying to the Statue? As Shanghaiist explain that she might have mistaken the statue for Guan yu, a famous general who is now worshiped as a god by some in China.

While it’s certainly amusing for us but we should also be sympathetic to her as she was clearly confused, or she might knew exactly what she was doing and is long time LoL fan, who know’s?

Well, do let us know what you think of this in the comments below.

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