Latest Version Of Denuvo Has Been Cracked

Things are not looking good for Denuvo following Resident Evil 7 being cracked within the first week of its release. Despite, a newer version of the DRM that was released to counter the piracy of games, it seems that the DRM is out of luck.

The latest version of Denuvo has been cracked by the hacker group CPY. 2Dark, a spiritual successor to Alone In The Dark, used the latest version of Denuvo has been cracked.

While 2Dark might be a widely popular game, but other games like NieR Automata, Dead Rising 4, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition who use the same level of protection might also get cracked.

While the general perception about Denuvo DRM is that it is uncrackable, at least it was when it was newly released, but according to the company itself, the DRM is hard to crack not uncrackable.

According to Denuvo marketing director Thomas Goebl, they will keep on working to improve the Denuvo DRM for the software’s future version. He said that the team will learn from this and will do the same.

As always, we continue working to improve our solution to create security updates for upcoming Anti-Tamper versions. We will do the same with the learning from this bypass. It’s correct that the title in question was cracked some days after release. Given the fact that every unprotected title is cracked on the day of release – as well as every update of games – our solution made a difference for this title.

Do you think devs and publishers will continue this DRM for their games? Let us know in the comments.

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