Latest Titanfall Patch Causing Performance Issues, PC Players Affected

the latest Titanfall patch has created new connection issues as well as performance problems in the PC version of the game.

Apparently, the latest Titanfall patch is not about all the good things in the game. Multiple people have been reporting that since the patch was installed it has given rise to multiple performance related issues in the PC version of the game.

This is not the first time that Titanfall has met trouble after an update, even in the beta phase of the game, a certain Xbox One update had caused the game’s video output being lost.

Coming back to the situation at hand, at least 50 people have complained over Reddit about the problems that they are facing since the Titanfall patch was released. Some of the primary issues, as detailed by the Reddit users, are are:

  • Longer load times, only half of each team being loaded into LTS in the first round
  • The pre-game dropship scene being missed while the player starts of right from the ground
  • Connections issues at the start and during the game
  • Graphical stuttering while in a game as well as while scrolling through burn cards
  • The screen “waiting for players: a/b” takes much longer than usual

Here’s one of the more interesting comments made by another Reddit user:

“This game went from playable to god-awful with this update yesterday. I’ll have 20 ping yet everyone else in the game is flying all over the place. Then my fps will be going bonkers and can’t be stable at all despite having it locked with EVGA precision X which makes it impossible to aim. Then there’s the crazy loading times, I just moved my game from my hdd onto my SSD and it was working great before the update but now it’s taking far longer to load to the point where every match has started a good bit by the time I load. This being with 50/30 internet and ~20-30 ping max, 0% packet loss.”

How many of you have faced similar issues? Let’s hope that Respawn Entertainment gets rid of the newfound issues that the Titanfall patch has created soon.

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