Last Oasis Server Error ‘Sign In Failed’ Fix

Last Oasis has launched on Steam in early access. Naturally, users are facing server login issues. We have some fixes listed.

Last Oasis came out as an early access game recently. Games that are still in early access are more likely to face issues. Players have already started to report Last Oasis Server Error issues.  Details from players state that they get the ‘Sign in failed’ error upon logging in. However, we have a list of possible fixes that may help you with this issue. Here are some of the possible fixes you can try in order to be able to sign in.

Turn of programs that may interfere with Steam
There is always a chance that some programs might be running the background. Some of these may directly affect the Steam Client or Games. Some applications even prove capable of serious issues like connection losses and application crashes. If you are a victim of this kind of performance issue, Try investigating the other apps in order to figure this out. Once you do then try disabling them. You can always check through the task manager by pressing Shift+Alt+Esc key and then click on the services tab to view all other apps running.

Hidden Processes
There are applications that may execute upon pc startup. There can be some that may not appear in the taskbar as well. You can look for these in the task manager in the ‘Process’ tab. These can be active and hog your system resources. Some of these programs may be important and making changes to them can directly affect your whole system. Therefore only mess with them if you are an expert or have an expert around you.

Anti-Virus Software
Anti-virus programs have deep access to programs affecting network operations. Some games on steam contain copy protection technology which appear malicious in your anti-virus software. This is mostly due to the anti-virus program not being familiar with the type of files. In order to avoid such interference, you may need to add exceptions for Steam and games in the anti-virus configuration.

Firewall and Security Apps
At times Microsoft Firewall may prevent steam from accessing game servers. You can avoid this with the help of adding exceptions. If you want a guide on how to add exceptions on firewall than click here.

Download Manager Softwares
This kind of apps collect data through your network experience. They are capable of hindering steam and game traffic especially in multiplayer platform-based games like Last Oasis. Disabling or simply closing these before running may prove as a fix for Last Oasis.

IP Filtering/Blocking Applications
These type of programs specifically limit the type of traffic you receive and send through your network. These are common in institutional and corporate networks although there may be possibilities of them being present on your personal system as well. These programs are known to cause issues with steam and game connections.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Software
If you are connected to a VPN server, it is advised to disable them before running a game or even launching Steam. This prevents the Steam client from accessing the Steam Network. Furthermore, if the game requires network capability, it may also interfere with that connection. Turning off your VPN ensures that the network is configured and allows traffic from Steam and the games you are playing.

Reset Connection or Restart Steam
Another fix for Last Oasis may be a simple router reset or exiting Steam and restarting it. Even a network troubleshooting process or a system reset may also work.

If the following remedies did not fix the Last Oasis server error issue, then just be patient as Donkey Crew may release a fix patch soon. As the company has addressed the Last Oasis Server Error ‘Sign In Failed’ issue.  If you want to read more news regarding Donkey Crew’s latest game then click here.

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