The Last Of Us PC Patch for March 29 is Live, Fixes Shaders, Performance Issues and More

The Last Of Us Part I has only been out for a day on PC, and already a new patch has come out for it apparently intended to help the game’s shaders, performance issues, booting problems, and memory leaks. However, even the patch itself may need to be patched, if some user reports are to be believed.

The update was supposed to fix an issue with shaders taking longer to load (and degrading performance and stability as they load in the background), older drivers causing stability and graphical problems, the game not wanting to boot even if minimum requirements are met, and a potential memory leak.

All together, that patch is roughly three gigabytes large. However, some players on Steam have claimed on forums that they’re only getting roughly 30 megabytes downloaded, a tiny fraction of what the patch should be. Exactly why this is happening remains to be seen.

Despite the critical acclaim that the original version got when it first released on consoles, the PC launch of The Last of Us Part I has gained a “Mostly Negative” rating on Steam as an aggregate of over seven thousand reviews. The patch is also apparently only hampering performance even further.

Considering that the last few PC ports that Sony has allowed onto Steam have been met with praise, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and the 2018 God of War game, having one of their most-promoted (and, some would say, most-overhyped) games not have a similarly stellar port is very odd (and rather ironic).

Hopefully Iron Galaxy, who ported the game to PC, can actually adjust and end up making the game actually run well on the PC, especially since they’ve previous ported other big titles to the PC before. However, until then, it might be best for fans of the games (or who’ve been waiting for a PC port for years) to wait until the game actually works.


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