Intel New Lake Crest CPU To Deliver 100-fold Increase In Performance

Intel is set to give Lake Crest CPU by the end of the decade that will touch increased performance and innovation and will be a breakthrough in technology

Intel says it will mark the end of the decade with the launch of Lake Crest CPU lineup that will be 100-fold better in performance and innovation. Intel says it will shake the enterprise and emerging markets with their next-generation Lake Crest Architecture.

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Lake Crest CPU – New Deep Neural Network Aimed CPU Architecture

With the start of this year, at CES 2017, AMD showcased its upcoming roadmap of CPU and GPU technology. Meanwhile,  AMD is going to completely own the CPU game with its Ryzen processors, offering some nice technology features that even Intel doesn’t have on their current flagship processors. But Intel is preparing for a new deep neural network aimed CPU architecture, known as Lake Crest.

Intel, Lake Crest CPU, 20x faster, AI tech, HBM2

The new CPU generation Lake Crest have been made with DNN (Deep Neural Network) workloads in mind, so as to compete better against the GPU based offerings from AMD and Nvidia.

Lake Crest CPU: Intel And Nervana Partnership

Lake Crest is the result of a partnership between Intel and Nervana. Intel acquired deep learning startup Nervana for $350 million last year. Naveen Rao, Intel’s VP Datacenter Group and GM for AI solutions explain:

We have developed the Nervana hardware especially with regard to deep learning workloads. In this area, two operations are often used: matrix multiplication and convolution”.

Intel, Lake Crest CPU, 20x faster, AI tech, HBM2

Specification wise, the Lake Crest will come up with three new offerings which are totally absent in current generations. First, Intel will be using “proprietary inter-chip links” for Lake Crest, which the company says are “up to 20x faster than PCIe. Second, it will have 32GB of HBM2 available, with a huge 8Tbps of memory bandwidth across the entire CPU. Third, thanks to Intel’s new “Flexpoint” architecture that will be used inside the arithmetic nodes of the new Lake Crest CPU. Intel’s new super-power can increase arithmetic operations on the Lake Crest CPU by up to 10x, as well as offer MCM (Multi Chip Module) design.

Intel, Lake Crest CPU, 20x faster, AI tech, HBM2

Diane Bryant, Executive President and GM at Data Center Group at Intel tells:

Before the end of the decade, Intel will deliver a 100-fold increase in performance that will turbocharge the pace of innovation in the emerging deep learning space

Intel, Lake Crest CPU, 20x faster, AI tech, HBM2

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