Kristen Stewart Wins Cesar; First American Actress to Do So!

While you were all busy rambling about Oscars and how Birdman got the most out of it, Kristen Stewart was making history in France – well, sort of.

Do you know that the French have been holding the Cesar Awards since 1976 but ever since then, not even a single America actress has won a Cesar? Yes, that was true until only two days ago i.e. before Kristen Stewart won the award for the role of best supporting actress in Clouds of Sils Maria.

She had co-starred in the movie with Juliette Binoche and Chloe Grace Moretz which had been directed by Olivier Assayas.

It looks like Stewart was so moved by the achievement that she actually thinks she would like it more to work in movies in France than in Hollywood:

The reasons why people make films here in France are very different from the reasons why people make movies in Hollywood and I prefer it here a little bit.

Now I don’t mean to offend but it is a fact that it would be tough call for her to get nominated in the Oscars based on what (most monotonous) roles that she has done so far. But, lets not forget that she brought home something that no other American actress could so far!

However, there has been a male actor who has won a Cesar Award before. In 2003 Adrien Brody won the best actor award for The Pianist.


Interested in finding out what is it that she pulled off? Well, Clouds of Sils Maria is a German-French-Swiss co-production drama film that came out on August 20, 2014. You might want to check it out!

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